What are you playing this weekend/these days?

I started playing HOMEWORLD Remastered just to find out that it was broken from the beginning...
...seems like an unofficial 2.3 Player patch is required to make it usable, it is a composition of a never released official patch still in working stage with added many unofficial bugfixes and improvements to the UI.

I liked a lot HOMEWORLD when it was first released, but required a lot of skills and patience to learn the dynamics of the game.
I still clearly remember that I had to repeat many times some of the missions because I was immediately destroyed at the start of them, unless I was already prepared to the assaults... and one of the issue of the Remastered version is that the difficult was made even worse than the original game !!
Luckily this is one of the things that can be adjusted with that Player patch.

I'm also trying to finish Agony UNRATED
Many people described it as a "pr0n walking simulator", but seems to me an absolutely wrong definition !!
First of all the atmosphere (graphic and sounds) is great, this is one of the very few games that made me feel goose bumps, also because it is for the most a stealth game, you must evade demons at all costs or it's an insta death (or better an insta last checkpoint since technically you are already dead)...
The pr0n parts are absolutely not fan services but are well integrated with the scenery.
It is a really difficult game, and because you can't properly fight back, some bosses or rooms requires a lot of practice to understand the way to proceed... I could compare it to Alien Isolation, if it wasn't for the fact that this last one is by far superior in every aspect, but it's not in Hell either.
If I have to find a bad thing in the game is the movement... the controls are difficult, mostly because the terrain is bad optimized, you can become stuck trying to walk near some elements like bones or plants, or even small caverns... many times I found myself stuck on the border of a cliff, being unable to jump up, and the only solution to advance was jumping in the void...
NBA JAM TE/retropi and NBA Street v2/gc. I really like both these games. Also playing NFS Heat/ps4, the best racer I can find on gc/wii/ps4.

Actually it's been very hard to find a racer i enjoy. I just want (a) diversity of levels (b) not all-night (my vision is not perfect) and (c) decent gameplay. i'm not fond shrieking and random nonsense so Mario Karts are out. I find Grand Turismo completely boring. My favorite is probably the original F-Zero and I quite like Ridge Racer Type 4/psx too.

What are your favorite racers?
I'm not into racers much, but I played and liked a lot RalliSport Challenge on the original Xbox.
Rallisport Challange was a great game, but I think my favourite racer on the original xbox was probably MotoGP, if two wheels count too. Of the F-Zeros I probably rate F-Zero GX over the original N64 version.
More on two wheels
Moto Racer played *on* the DS. You play via touch screen and the acceleration, braking and steering is super smooth and precise. It's like playing an instrument once you get used to it.
And Manx TT Superbike for the Saturn. Not many levels, but the riding is fun. Shame I never got to sit on the arcade machine.
BTW just played the Cultic demo, it's a modern Blood. And just like that, it has 11 secrets just in the first level. Only found 6 so far. Can't wait until I can lob bundles of dynamite in the full release. This is already more fun than Graven and Wrath: Aeon of Ruin.

And Gloomwood is in early access. Similar to the old Thief games. I'll wait for the full release though. It's by David Szymanski (hope I didn't butcher the name) - who also made DUSK.. Which I'm stuck in on the end boss fight.
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@netcat Was IZBot2 too hard? Any trauma for playing it? (it does look a lot like a game on the Pandora... not sure the name)
I'm playing Baba is You on the Pandora (thanks to box86). It's a puzzle game where the "rules" of the level (who you control, what each object does) are objects that you can move around. So for example you've got your character (Baba) on one side, a flag on the other side and a wall in between. The rules are "Baba is you", "Wall is Stop", "Flag is win". You can push any of the words from "Wall is Stop" so that the rule will not apply anymore and you can go through the wall and get to the flag. Or you can move the "is" and the "win" next to "Baba" so that it reads "Baba is Win".

It starts off easy but then becomes more and more difficult. Hopefully, you sometimes unlock multiple levels at the same time, so if you're stuck in a level you can try an easier one.
Just like many good puzzle games, you start some levels thinking it's impossible or that you'll never be able to solve it and you feel clever when you eventually do.
There were a few times (maybe 2 or 3 out of the 60+ levels I've completed so far) when I had trouble solving a level because a mechanism wasn't clear. I feel like a hint mechanism could have been nice. I'm curious to see how difficult the game becomes, it has potential for extremely complex levels but I don't think I'd appreciate them that much.
Not that much. At least in my experience. Since more complex levels require a lot of thinking I'm glad to take a break after completing them. And when I'm stuck, I'd rather take a break and return with a fresh take on the level.
Fortune's Run, and it is bloody awesome. It has sneaking, wall jumping acrobatics, a melee system with fisticuffs and a projectile blocking katana, impactful weapons, very dangerous enemies and locational damage in which you must heal different body parts deus-ex-style. It's a sci-fi world with many secrets to find and vents to crawl through made lively by spoken dialogues. Just finished the demo and had a blast. Definitely check this one out. It's my favourite of all the FPS I've tried recently.
I found 8 lucky cats - how many can you find?

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