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Dec 14, 2004
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Like Many of you out there, i recently made purchase of one vague mostly unknown game :p entitled

After immense playing i have discovered that it is in fact, quite good, imean, for god sake, THERE ARE TURTLES!

eh hem

anyway i want you guys to tell me what are youre likes, dislikes etc... or if ur stuck on a bit maybe the gta veterans around here could help you out
:D :) :D

P.s. my main gripe is all the slowdown that sometimes rears its ugly head


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i've been playing through it with a few friends at uni, we've completely disregarded all the life style stuff that got thrown into the mix with SA and have just been going through the missions.

highlight of the game so far has been flying the crop duster to its maximum height and then parachuting onto a beach

oh, that and bmxs!
Well, I completed this a while ago and can safely say it's by far the best game in the series. You can level whatever criticisms you like at GTA:SA; they're all insignificant in the face of the sheer amount of fun there is to be had with this game.

My personal highlight would be running from LS to SF on four stars, stealing a moster truck and climbing to the top of the mountain where I took the crop duster and barrel rolled few missiles, only to crash in to the side of a bridge.

found on the golden gate bridge


also found on the bridge


direct stab at true crime: streets of la


based on kellogs coco pops


candy suxxx returns


remember me?

also hearing lazlow on WCTR was cool
Best game ever, only bad thing is the slow down (Like when your flying a tree siddenly appears :p)
this game is amazing fun, bmx's are excellent fun and leaping off high drops in cars or on bikes is great fun, so much I've slightly scared myself doing so

I also found pushing the vehicles off the top of mount chilliad very funny, watching them sail down the mountain side, wondering what mayhem the'd cause, that and pushing other drivers off the road into police vehicles or the rivers and lakes :)