What are you playing this weekend/these days?


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Dec 14, 2012
I gave Genshin Impact a shot (just to test out my new mainstream Android phone I had to buy because neither of the 2 others I pre-ordered has arrived yet (and probably wont for yet a while).
So far I'm pretty impressed with the game. It has elements from many other games and thus feels familiar, but not too copied. For example, the music feels chocobo-esk, but it only made me grin, hommage done right.
Collecting foods and cooking has been made fun, somehow (I hated it in DragonQuest for PS2). The world is open but guided, if you want to (and by guided, I mean that you can enable a yellow line telling you how to walk to your next event-trigger destination). Exploring this world is wonderful. So I climbed some towers to find a nice treasure, but without anything to climb down... I just jumped. Once I got out of the city, the coming-into-the-city event triggered, and they gave me hover wings... sigh. Straying too much will put you against monsters that are too hard to fight, but on the other hand, once I started the guided quests... they were easy as I had leveled up again.
Vast world, lots of lore (if you want to, there's lots of text to read). And there's stuff to combine to improve slot items or weapons. Haven't found a way to sell stuff yet.

As for playing on A smartphone: The CPU is just under the right thumb (to move the character). I hate the feeling of heat on my thumb. And the underside on the right also gathers a lot of heat. I really rather have a cool controller or keyboard.
I see the drawing limitations, but it's well done, noticeable if you watch carefully, but not irritating. Screen is just too small (but very detailed), so this got to be bad for your eyesight...
Waiting for the >1GB download also took a while, but after that it was ok and worth the wait. I'm around 20 hours into gameplay and did not hit the you-need-to-pay wall yet.

And I found a pot I could smash! But you can't smash barrels inside the city... You can smash bushes! And I found out the hard way that there are exploding barrels (mend to be shot by arrow).... Link would not survive in this world.

conclusion: dumbed down RPG, no really clever puzzels. Lore feels epic. Lots of things to try out and do. But still fun.



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May 3, 2016
city of thieves
SMB3 GBA port w/e-reader levels. looks gorgeous on rpi and feels pretty damn good too with my 8bitdo nes30. I'm playing via Bluetooth and the latency is acceptable. my acid test is whether I can jump off the bouncy music note blocks where you have to time it perfectly. disabling WiFi seemed to help a lot. I feel like Fred Savage.


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Mar 24, 2014
Seattle, WA
i played death's door recently, beating the boss but i haven't gone for the true ending. i think i'll wait a bit to see if i want to, it's not my favorite genre of video games, but there are some neat aspects. it reminds me a lot of DnD, though.