Well I Finally Did It..

try KOTOR or Panzer Dragoon Orta then.
You could have mentioned Otogi, also.

While these are all visually fantastic games (although I personally found KoTOR a little dull), still none of them are well in advance of the games I've seen and played on the GC. For a console that is supposedly technically far superior, I find the Xbox disappointing in comparison to the cheaper and, by Nintendo's own admission, less capable Gamecube.
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that's because the gamecube is a proper console, and the xbox is a load of pc parts in a box...
To be honest, I think that's about right. The GC is notoriously easy to develop for, so while it might not be as powerful as the Xbox in spec terms, developers are able to squeeze every last drop of resources from it with relative ease.

I mean, just look at Res Evil 4. Now tell me that isn't one of the nicest looking games of this generation.
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Well, you think you got your gamecube cheap...

I work somewhere in my local town (i've mentioned where in a post before, but think i should refrain at the moment, lets just say its one where the whole company is in trouble)

we'd had our audit and a bitch load of exstock was being dumped, along with various other things was a gamecube that had been returned as faulty, it was a black metroid prime one so had the console, controller and a game.

i was sat muching my lunch when one of the other employees informs me that hes digusted with himself as hes just checked said gamecube into the bin. i thinkt that the game and controller alone would be a bit of a steal so talk him into getting it out of the bin for me and leaving it next to the bins. I finish my lunch and wander outside, slyly lift up the box and deposit it in my car.

i get home and plug it all in, first without any controllers or av leads connected and to my amazement it boots up, then boots up again with the av leads in... but then crashes when i plug in the controller...

hmmm, i dash up to my little brothers room and nab one of his gamecube controllers and tada, one free gamecube!

its a great machine and compliments my brothers purple one brilliantly!