I Finally Have My Pandora


Oct 9, 2008
Greetings from Spain,
As promised, here are the pictures of my new Pandora after 2 years waiting.

My impressions can not be more favorable, high-quality big screen, powerful sound (a lot more than my Psp), wonderfull dpad , very good keyboard and confortable for typing etc ...
The analog sticks are also great, although the 3DS is better, but they are positioned in a very confortable place.

Aesthetically is better than expected, it doest have the same finish like iphone or 3DS, but still very good, and everything works perfectly including wifi.

I'm not saying that everything is perfect, when you close the lid you can see that on one side its a tini bit more separate, but its really not important, and maybe I wouldnt have noticed it if I heavent read it in the forums..

As for software, first of all I have to thank the memebers from diferent forums that have helped me answering my questions and helping me to get some emulators working, I'm quite a rookie.

When turning on the Pandora I realize that it's not just a "console" but actually a computer, there is a whole operating system full of settings and programs of all kinds, but its still easy and fast to start playing and heaving fun with the emulators, everything is quite intuitive, big thanks to all the people who has worked so hard on the software.
The emulators are actually really good.
N64 is better than I had expected, very nice to see some games working almost at 100% speed.
Neo geo and Super Nintendo are very nice.
Mame4All is also good, but many roms are not campatible, but I think there is a new version coming which is great news.
Ps1 also very good with many games working great.

Just a quick thanks to all of the Pandora team for making it possible, and wanted to say that the final result is really great and worth the wait.
Also thanks to Jaquelyn that has treated me really well even when some things didnt go as planed, instead of puting excuses they find a solution.










Great to see positive reactions...

I have mine for half a year now and still use it every day... The pandora is a wonderful machine !
Thanks TomVS, I am very happy to finally have my Pandora, and I agree that its an amazing machine, the posabilities are endless, I am enjoying mine even more than I expected, and in the process I am learning a lot.
Now I have a few programs installed for watching movies, I also have mp3 player that plays really nice and with a powerfull loud sound, also just changed the gamma lcd mode to CRT mode, and for the emulators its totally awesome, the colors are a lot less saturated and with more shadow detail, now the games look a lot more like I remember them when I played them years ago. :)