I own an Xperia Play and backed the GCW Zero, is the Pandora worth it?

I have both an original CC Classic Pandora and a newer 1 gig model, as regards screen quality, there's slight ghosting visible on both (it adds a little speed blur effect to games like Sensible Soccer! ;) ), the only real difference I've noticed between the two models as regards the screen is that the newer model's LCD isn't quite as bright, but it doesn't affect things too much most of the time :)
Just remember The Pandora isn't 'pick up an play' at least not to begin with.

You will need to commit a significant amount of time and Q&A/forum searching to get things running, one by one... and then configuring them to run the way you want to.

TOTALLY worth it though.  ^_^

... and you learn a great deal in the process...