Vectrex Emulation?

:) YES, perfect. that emu.
Have a good speed, but you can play only to MINESTORM, and lack of a selector for load others games :( Squidge have drop the emu.
zx-81, if you are reading this, I noticed you have ported a vectrex emulator to psp. Will you be porting it to GP2X?
I'm a bit late for the party, seeing how my last post here is almost two years old, but I suppose late is better than never. I never did get round to work on Vec2X again, and as time went on I more or less forgot about my whole GP2X. Recently I dusted off the little machine again, refreshed all of the software on it, and figured it would be so attentive to show my face here once more.

Now, I'm not going to be so foolish as to say I'll continue work on my emulator project. I was never really cut out to write emulators, let alone optimize them. Squidge was much better qualified to do that, it's a shame he abandoned his project. However, the next best thing I can do is to release the source code of Vec2X as it was when I left off, in the unlikely case that someone out there is interested in continuing it. So without any further ado, here it is:


The code in its current state is a bit of a mess. It includes debug code, unfinished features (menu system, sound, etc), and some convoluted attempts at making things faster. It's basically a straightforward port of the emulator mentioned in the topic start (link), so the compatibility is excellent, but it's slow as molasses and there's no sound. It also includes some extra features that you have already read about (overlays, vertical screen orientation, overclocking, etc).

Note that the above package also includes a precompiled executable of what should be the latest version of the code, which should run right off the bat. I also added the rom file for Minestorm and its accompanying overlay. Since there's no menu, you'll have to configure the emulator through command line parameters. These are as follows:

Command line parameters:
-x[width] - Set screen width (PC only)
-y[height] - Set screen height (PC only)
-c[file] - Load cartridge file
-v - Set vertical screen orientation
-f - Stretch image to full screen
-i[nr] - Select input configuration
-s - Skip menu
-o[file] - Load overlay file
-d - Increase contrast (darken overlay)
-t[mhz] - Set clock speed (throttle) (GP2X only)
As much as we want a full speed vectrex emu on GP2X I think the only hope is that someone does one for the Wiz and ports it over to GP2X