TV Out Cable: Time to Mass produce! (2013-06-22)

On my old and relatively small Sony CRT, I even prefer Composite over S-Video, because with S-Video some colors are too intensive, especially red.

But from what some people say, for flat TVs S-Video is better. I have never tried a flat TV, so I cannot comment on that.
Sony CRTs usually have the reds too 'hot' from the factory - you need to use an image tuner appliance (or a picture quality DVD) to help adjust it to a more sane level.
Interesting. My older Sony compact camera, bought about 3 years ago, also has too strong red. Seems to be a Sony thing.
The strength of their reds made them a very desirable TV to use as a monitor for your RF connected home computer back in the early 80s!
Its only been 4 weeks since mass production started.  ED said in the first post 7 weeks.  I'd say we are a month out from being able to order them if I had to guess.
Well... it's been another month. Any update from ED?
So, about that TV cable?

I am really keen to get it, I have a perfect use for it with one of my Pandora's, I was going to hook it up with my home gym TV so I can play while running on the treadmill.   
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Can't wait to place an order for two of these cables .. any idea when they'll be ready?
Quick question, are these cables going to be available from Ithic? Since I live in the US, I might want to use that option if there's not a huge delay on Ithic getting stocked. On the other hand, I might buy from GmbH anyway just to get it as soon as possible...
Any ETA to Ithic?
Doesn't EvilDragon need to actually receive the TV-Out Cables before he can give you an ETA for when they would get to Ithic?

@EvilDragon I am an original pre-orderer who has been waiting for his TV-Out Cable. I remember you mentioning that you were going to give a voucher with the purchase of the TV-Out Cable to help with the purchase of another product from the DragonBox. How would this work? I'm thinking about ordering a 1GHz Pandora and a spare battery for my first Edition Pandora to go along with it. (Since the battery in my first edition Pandora has expanded to the point I don't feel safe using it) Also, I've seen people mention here and there in topics lately about some LCD problem. Could you explain to me what this is and if it will effect the 1GHz Pandora I am considering purchasing?

-God Ginrai
ED i'd like to pay with paypal is it possible ? Because i had no choice.

Order number : ******

Posting order numbers is not recommended, due to the risk of someone hijacking your order - Binky

Thanks :)
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So tempting, but I suppose I'll wait for Ithic. I've waited 4.5 years, so I can wait another few weeks :p
ED i'd like to pay with paypal is it possible ? Because i had no choice.

Order number : removed (What's your Order Number?!!!![/craigix]).

Thanks :)
That's something I'd like to know, too. I would like to use paypal when I make my order.

-God Ginrai
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