TV Out Cable: Time to Mass produce! (2013-06-22)

The purpose of my post in this forum was to indicate that, instead of receiving the expected voucher (since my pre-order included a TV-Cable I still don't have) I received the email I quoted. I wondered if it was the case for everyone and if receiving this mail indicates that no voucher (nor anything else !) will come from Craig's company ?

To ED : Please, thanks to indicate if I'll still receive the voucher in a near future.
I'm actually in this boat too.  I just remembered I had a Pandora.  It's been that kind of year. 

Woo!  TV Out cables!  Not so woo, I have to pay again.  Still, woo! Voucher!  Is this a thing that's happening?  I haven't seen hide nor hair, or even got that Pandora Ltd. closing down e-mail.
I would be very surprised if Craig's ever going to send out those vouchers now. With that email he pretty much publicly washed his hands of us.

It's not a voucher ED or anyone else can send out - they don't have the email addresses of all of us who ordered a cable.

And it's only 20 euro anyway. Frankly, if you've not used your Pandora for a year I would be very surprised if you need a TV out cable anyway.
I've been busy with all kinds of things unfortunately.  I've started to get back into it, and seeing those DraStic shots with the Pandora on the bottom screen has me itching for some giant sized Phoenix Wright.
Someone should update the wiki's TV-out cable section. I can't find out anywhere whether the blue and black is audio in, or out. And if so, is blue left, or is it right?
Someone should update the wiki's TV-out cable section. I can't find out anywhere whether the blue and black is audio in, or out. And if so, is blue left, or is it right?
It is Audio In, I've played with it.. I'm just not sure which is left or right..  I could play with it and see about changing the wiki once I know for sure.

Audio Out is using the standard colors..
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2 months since my last post and since no news about a potential voucher to (re)buy the TV-Cable. I even wrote to with no luck ...

If I can't get this cable rapidly, I'll never trust again such a project and will never support Pyra (except if it is Kickstartered).

I'm very dissapointed about this project :-( (but happy with my Pandora however).
That's on Craig, unfortunately. He and his customer records have vanished without explanation.

You can buy the cable anytime -

Most of us who had bought one from Craig originally never got anything and chose to buy one from ED if we still wanted it.

He proposed the idea of a voucher for those customers of craig's who had ordered one originally, not because he was obliged to but just to soften the blow as a favour, but Craig hasn't provided the records of those who were due one.

If I recall correctly, the voucher would have entitled you to a discount if your purchases were of a higher amount - if you only want the TV cable the voucher won't reduce the price.

In the grand scheme of things we haven't done too badly - Craig's store was originally taking £10 for the cable and the pandoras were cheaper.

If you think kickstarter is the way to go you might not have been following the iControlpad2 fiasco - again, nothing to do with ED.

Edit: The voucher provisionally proposed in the first post of this thread (before the cost of production/shipping was established - it turned out higher than anticipated) was to be for an equivalent value to use against future/additional purchases. Not a discount on the cable purchase itself.
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