TV-Out Cable - Prototype finished (2013-05-03)

Don't cover Craigs queue.. It's his queue... he can find the $5000~

I'm in Craigs queue.
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that means people will have to use an aditional male to male phono cable to plug into a tv without svideo?
All connections are sockets (female) not plugs (male) so you will need a standard male-male composite or S-Video cable to connect to a TV. Basically, this thing gives you A/V out ports for regular cables to connect to.
Looks nice but I hope there is an extension included, because that's never ever 2 Meters ED talked about
That all changed some time back, rather than have it terminate in male connectors and be a long cable, it's now a more compact 'breakout' connector. More portable, and you can leave a normal S-Video or composite cable attached to your home display, and just detach this to take with you! No need to fumble around at the back of the TV every time.
I think the reduced cable length and weight might be a saving on ED's side too.
Would this be a suitable place to ask advise on the 'best' way to use this break out box and ultimately display output on a HDMI device (or should I start another thread)? I know there are various converters around (going from cheap to expensive) but it isn't an area I know anything about. It would be nice to have a recommendation to get the best picture/audio quality (without spending huge amounts of money) in terms of which converter to buy or whatever.
Can money be saved by only shipping free cables to Criag's queue once they have their pandoras?
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It's a bit overly long and heavy looking to me.  For such a very flat port, something of this weight looks like it would stress it, at least.  As just a breakout adapter I can't think of why it needs any length. (Then again I realize we can still make our own)
Making it long allows most of its weight to rest on a table - where a solid, one-piece adaptor block would have to hold up the weight of the male-male cable
ED, I guess I am one of the original 500 Craig cable preorderers, so according to your first post, I'd be one of the people for whom you'd ship out a cable "for free", so to speak. However, I'd prefer to pay at least your costs and shipping for mine (seeing that the actual money I paid for mine so many years ago by now rests in the pockets of CC or something). Could this be arranged somehow? As in, could I sign up on a list somewhere with the title "When you get to my name on Craigs list of cable customers, please PM me so that I can pay for my cable"?
Is it going to be available from Link? It seems like for those of us in the Americas like it would be more cost effective to drop ship them to Link and for us to buy them from Although, I'm guessing that since this is a preorder that it's probably more of a hassle than it's really worth in terms of savings.
i have a TV out cable made by a kindly forum use peca.

so ED you can cancel my pre-order tv out cable

i have a TV out cable made by a kindly forum use peca.

so ED you can cancel my pre-order tv out cable

Did you order from ED? or Craig? and how would he know your order from just your username / forum information.
Will it be possible to get one of these with female 0.1 inch header attached to the pins for UART? I've been wanting to use that feature since I fould out the Pandora had it.
Thanks for the news!

I need to send my Pandora in for an RMA, would it make sense to do it so that you send the TV-Out cable along with it once it's fixed and save on shipping costs?

Who would it be best I send my Pandora to, in that case? You or the owner of (I live in Canada)

Thanks for clearing it all up ED. I was unsure wether I needed to put my name down for one or not - I'm pleased my pre-order payment for a TV-Out cable is still on record.

I've been meaning to buy a 64gb SD card to upgrade the storage on my Pandora and also so I can use one of my 32gb's to install SL4P.

I'll wait to find out what payments are necessary and then order what I need from your shop. :)

Remember: If you're interesting in getting one, please put yourself on the waiting list on the shop:

This helps me to find out how many cables I need to order and you'll also receive an eMail as soon as the cable is finished.

(If you already preordered right from the beginning, no need to do that, we got your order already).

I tried to create an account, but I got invalid email adress as a result. I am not so keen on getting a new email adress just to sign up at one place, what do I do?