TV Out Cable: Time to Mass produce! (2013-06-22)


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Mar 4, 2003
So, finally, I got the new prototype sample of the TV Out Cable with our proper connector - and as expected, it now works properly :)

Attached are a few pics.


As you can see, it's a neat small adapter cable which easily fits into the carry case.

Connect to your TV using standard A/V cables and there you go!

As you can see, you got multiple connectors:

Composite out, SVideo out, Audio Out Stereo, Audio in Stereo.


Nintendo DS games look gorgeous on a CRT TV, BTW, like they have been made for that purpose.

So with the Pandora showing a different screen than the TV, is that a Retro-NDS-u? :D

Okay, time for mass production

Mass production will take about 7 weeks, so it'll be another end of a loooong trip... :)
So those of us who preordered TV-Out will not have that preorder honored or even refunded? Or did I misread your other post?
That blue Pandora looks tough, if I ever go 1 ghz I'd love a blue one.

Will you take preorders for the cables? Will they be available through ithic?
Wow, great!

I'm looking forward to try those cables. But please serve all other preorderers first, since I have made my own cable that works well for me, too.


Since most standard A/V cables that you can use for the purpose of connecting the new TV-Out cable to a TV are quite bulky, thick and heavy, we may evaluate the available few better thinner A/V cables, and the best one, with source, should be mentioned in the Dragonbox shop as a recommended accessory.

Or maybe you can even resell such cables via Dragonbox.

So, does anyone already have a good lightweight but long enough cable, that's suitable?
It all depends how sturdy you want it. Thick = sturdy but heavy. Thin = lighter and will break more easily, but might be preferable for travel. Personally I'll be going for thick and sturdy, as while my Pandora is portable and I take it everywhere, my TV is not, so the cable can live with the TV.
Very good news !!!

It's cool to have a TV out, with the current lack of screens ;^p.
Prototype looks very solid. Good job, I am certainly going to buy one. 
Thanks for the update ED.

Looking good, nice to see another milestone in the journey coming into sight.
wow, now we can finally emulate the DS... that is thoses of us who got their pandora...
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