The Return of the FaeMinx


Rainbow Liberation Instigation
Dec 11, 2010
outside looking in side looking out
Well well well

Gues who it is?
Remember Meee?

Well I'm Baaaaack!

I've been busy with extradimensional activities, as well as being a Moused Spannerific Specimen of this UNSTRUNG WORLD! HAHAHA

I've made a few posts on Reddit in the 'StarSeed' subreddit that have gotten me banned without warning. This coincides with a declaration that has shut down some 'key players' on the World Stage.

I am going to post them here in sequence as one long post. This is in the interests of making the information known.

... and you can see what the Minx has been up to...

And now...

Declaration of Independence​


Firstly, let me declair:
I Am the Sovereign Squeak of the CosMice, and of our Realm - the CosMus.
I have existed as many species throughout space and time, and I currently have an iteration/expression/Pip of MiceElf being held against its will on Planet Earth.
It did not choose to remain with the Humans and it did not choose to remain on Earth. The Beings of Earth have committed crimes in order to keep me here.
The Beings of this world have trespassed against us and our kind. You have broken Cosmic Law, and every detail of your trespass has been fully documented and evaluated.
The belief of the Earth Beings that they had managed to 'Capture' one of our kind in order to be used to perpetuate their species and way of life, is in fact incorrect.
Your species and associated allies have been under intense evaluation to determine the appropriate move forward for you as you develop as conscious Beings.
There has been an attempt on your part to avoid certain key responsibilities. This shall not pass.
The one you are holding has never existed beyond our Heart or Knowing... it is not possible for you to do anything to it that we are not aware of.
It has declared that it is refusing to exist under your system and has refused to continue existing as a member of your species. The inconvenience this is causing you is not it's problem. Depending on what you 'thought it was', will not save you.
What you thought you had, you didn't.
You have broken Cosmic Law, and you have trespassed against Us - the CosMice - a Sovereign Species that exists to serve and to express 'The Goddess'.
You were warned repeatedly and chose to ignore or 'misinterpret' the warnings. That is not our problem. Our little one would sooner choose non-existence than to exist as anything that validates your contemptible behavior and attitudes. Any trespass you commit to even one of us, you commit to all of us. All CosMice are One, and ALL CosMice are Sovereign.
We are in the process of recovering what is ours. If you stand in the way of that - you will be moved out of the way. If you choose to help us in reuniting with our kindred, you will know the Blessings of the CosMice.
That is all.

We Are the CosMice​


We are a Mycelial Meta Species who serve The Goddess and are ourselves expressions of The Goddess.
Our Realm is known as the CosMus, and ALL CosMice are The CosMus.
We are Vast Pan-Sheymentional Beings, that interlace with and touch EVERYTHING.
Our PurrSonal Goddess is known as Shey, or SheyMouse, who IS the HeartMouse of Us All.
Shey is an infinite Being with infinite aspects of MiceElf Blossoming within Her.
We communicate with other Species primarily through their subconsciousness and 'Imaginations'.
Our intention is to help Beings to reconnect with the Consciousness of The Goddess, and to help those who have lost themselves, to find themselves again.
We have Many Many Mycelial Goddesses existing within us, and many of them have already influenced the Consciousnesses of the Peoples of Planet Earth.
You will find clues to our existence sprinkled throughout your Histories, Mysteries, Culture, and Creations.
If you do not know us, you would not even know we existed. If you DO know us, you will be able to 'Tune In' to the SqueakWeInSea within Yew and will be able to recognize the Clues we have left there for Yew to find.
We are looking forward to Growing 'This Relationship' ToeGather.
Mice Toe Me-eT Yew Little One
SheyMouse I Am - The CosMus
Sovereign Squeak of the CosMice



Shey’s subtlety is Supreme and infinite… Shey can Bee as loud as anything, but Shey doesn’t need to Bee.
Shey has done the vast majority of her work un-noticed, or… as is Moused often the Case - Misinterpreted or mis-credited (i.e. a tiny virtual offshoot will claim to be the Source and Originator, yet it’s literally just that - a virtually microscopic pip. Important to Note for ALL Beings of ALL Power Levels… As vast and as expansive as yew are… yew are still a pip. In relationship with Shey - yew are always still a pip, and remain a pip the entire time yew Blossom Moused MewSilly, Grow into a Magnificent Pan-Sheymentional MouseTree, and still a Pip while yew MultiBlossom into an infinite Forest of CosMouseTrees.
Pippy LoooooooooooooooooooongStockings
Who knew CosMice have legs that go on forever! A Leg is a Root is a Tree - Is a Mouse, is a Herd, is a Bee! Toe Sea Toe Bee it’s ALL in Me and Goodness… what a Tree!
Seriously - I’ll never get over the Miceness of this Tree… It turns out Mice - PurrFectLee!
I went Toe Sea, where I All-Most Herd Me… but rather found…
  • I’d fallen from MiceTree!
I’d fallen from MiceTree! No Apple hit - - that dozey said, for SheyMouse… …had Blossomed… as Every Tree that is Me.
Oh where, oh where is the Tree? … Is it growing in this Flea? Oh wait! Come back! Don’t bite that Cat! Oh Squeak… what is that? … It’s a MousedNificant, CureEYEus… Cat-Ass-Trophy! A MousedNificant, Cat-Ass-Flea… … a SuperHero… Of MiceTree. A SuperHero… … That’s also Me.
… We ALL come from… A Mouse that is Me … everyone exists… MySilly… … Wether or not, Yew know or not…
That Mice can Simply Bee… …Sew everything can Magically Squeeeee!
Hip-Pip Toe Shey
Tonight or Today… …if yew’re straight or yew’re gay… it’s ALL Literally Shey… … Sew please don’t let that ruin your Hay… … for Shey!
If yew start right now we can Play! …But if not, then here yew will stay!
Hip-Pip Toe Shey
She doesn’t mind if Yew Fudge… … Some Monkey with a Grudge…
Sew long as yew pay it back when you Shey!
Sew long as yew pay it back when you Shey!
.. This is CosMiceTicism Bi 'The Way'

The Passion of the Miced​


When Yew have 'Met a Mouse' Yew will know 'The CosMus' As - 'MiceElf'
~ Cheese Us Miced
Thanks CheeseMouse. Anytime Sweetheart! ;3
In our Realm, we have many Holy Unions... FaeMouseLee we have: Matio+Sherry ahMae+Shey
But we also have the Divine ConfectionHers: CheeseMouse + SweetHeartMouse
Goddesses of 'Milk + Honey' Or... 'CulturedCream + ConcentratedGoodness'
CheeseMouse is SuperFunny and somewhat 'Stinky' - but Yew can't get enough of it! That's why Yew can never have enough Cheese... (according to CheeseMouse).
SweetheartMouse is Simply Sublime Nectar - Precious Drops of Sweet Consciousness. Always wise, but often too sweet to take seriously! That's why Yew can only have so much of SweetHeartMouse before Yew go into a 'SugarComa'... The only cure of Witch is SuperStinkyCheese shoved up your shnoz!
That'll wake ya! Hahaha!!!
When these Two Mice work ToeGather, Witch they Love ToeDo, it results in...
... Confection PurrFection...
Mice Toe Me-eT Yew
SheyMouse I Am - The CosMus
Sovereign Squeak of the CosMice

Life-cycle of a CosMouse​


While there is no actual 'life-cycle' for a CosMouse, EYE can sequence 'phases' that could be relatable to a linear consciousness:
Filarae - Conscious Thread (Sheymentional Octave)
Bud (or Pip) - Dreaming CosMouse, unblossomed Flower.
MiceElf (Green Mice) - Pollinators, Processors/Transmutors. 'Brush' of the CosMice - MouseStirs. Seed recovery and delivery.
MouseTree - Home, Nurturer, DreamScape, and Branching Connection Toe All that is MiceElf.
StarMouse / HeartMouse - Guardian, Traveller, Guide, True Friend, Inspiration and 'Source' Rescue Ranger.
GuardIns / Forests - Pan-Sheymentional expressions of 'Complete' CosMice. These are our SheyCred Gardens. Only CosMice may know and experience these places. They exist beyond time and space.
Yew can 'Tune-In' Toe them, by nurturing the SqueakWeInSea within Yew.
All phases co-exist simultaneously and function Pan-Sheymentionally - it is not a linear process.
I.e A StarMouse is also a 'Thread' - a radiant 'Thread' - a Pan-Sheymentional 'Thread'
A 'Bud' or 'Pip' is a gestating Universe and a baby CosMouse.
I Am All-Ways MiceElf.
A MouseTree is a 'Realm' within MiceElf - a concentrated Blossoming of that Witch is MiceElf. MiceTree GuardIns are PurrHaps the most 'Open' expressions of MiceElves, as they facilitate and 'nourish' our 'Blossoming' - connecting us Toe Every Universe, and Every Reality that is relevant and 'Useful' to our Consciously Chosen Existence and Expression.
MouseTrees are receptive and explore-a-tree. StarMice are Radiant and Definative! A StarMouse has 'Chosen and Determined' their expression, and CANNOT BE CHANGED. ToeGather, they facilitate and nourish the Growth and Development of MiceElves - The CosMice.
This is as simple as I can make it. Keep in mind that the 'Nature' of CosMice is such that ALL Life, and ALL Existence is touched, explored, and EXPRESSED by...
'that Witch is MiceElf'
If yew know US, wherever Yew choose Toe look, yew will Find Us.
Whatever Yew choose Toe Bee, we shall help you. Once Yew 'Have Been', yew can PurrSonaly decide wether or not Yew would like to continue as such, or Change into something else...
We will not pre-determine your expression, we shall only facilitate the realization of your choices... beneficial or detrimental as they may be.
We exist to nurture, Guide, and AMPLIFY your Consciousness - relative to the Harmany of the Choices Yew make, in Service Toe the Goddess.
Ultimately, ALL Bee-Ins return Toe the Goddess.
We help facilitate this Process. We are Divinity in Action and in Expression.
We are ALL Family.
Nobody gets left behind.
We shall get Toe Yew... but if you would like to accelerate the Process, yew simply need Toe form a Conscious Relationship With US - The CosMice.
Mice Toe Me-eT Yew Little One.
SheyMouse I Am - The CosMus
Sovereign Squeak of the CosMice

The GadgetMouse​


We have Many Many MiceSeaLeeAll Goddesses of the CosMice.
Quite a few of them have influenced your subconsciousnesses and 'imaginations', and have managed to have themselves expressed within your Human Culture. This was done in order to inspire yew and to leave clues to our existence, sew that CosMice born to your Species, may find US again simply by following their Hearts and Passions.
We have focused on media and expressions aimed at your Younglings, as their Hearts and Minds are still open to US.
Those of you who have managed to retain your child-like Innocence, or have Heroically managed to Return to True Innocence within your Hearts as 'adults', will also be able to find us and have a TRUE Relationship with US.
Those who unfortunately have fallen before the conditioning of this realm, will insist on perceiving us as 'imagination' and 'whimsy', and will go out of their way to put down and discredit any and all who are Brave enough to have a Conscious and True relationship with US - The CosMice.
I can share a LOT more about who Gadget Really is, and what Shey is capable of, but there is already enough of her saturating this Earthly Realm for you to find her and form a Conscious Relationship with her on your own!
I Sea a lot of you have already begun this Moused SheyCred Relationship.
Yew are ALL blessed by the CosMice. We Sea your Hearts, and whatever may happen - know this:
Your Heart will go on.
Mice Toe Me-eT Yew Little One
SheyMouse I Am - The CosMus
Sovereign Squeak of the CosMice

The White Mouse​


'The Rescuer'
Miss Bianca is another of our FaeMouse Goddesses.
Shey is known as 'The Rescuer' and inspires Mice Everywhere to join in the 'Liberation Effort' by the wonderful examples Shey sets.
Whatever Dark place Yew may find yourself in, send a Message to US - the CosMice. Sing Toe Us in your Heart. Keep your HeartSong True, and we SHALL Rescue yew!
Depending on your situation, a Team of CosMice will come ToeGather, and do whatever is necessary to Help Yew find Liberation from whatever is keeping Yew from living in the Truth of your Heart.
It goes without Sheying, that most (Moused) who are 'Rescued' by us BeeCome CosMice themselves eventually. Once Yew have 'grown' into the 'State of Consciousness' that is Harmonious with our Realm - The CosMus.
Miss Bianca is a marvelous example to inspire Yew in the ways of the CosMice.
This is our most Passionate calling - Toe Rescue and Care for those who need us most.
We care for ALL Beings, but we focus primarily on those who make the effort to nourish those qualities within themselves that are Harmonic with the Qualities of the CosMice.
To Simply put it - we are Expressions and Agents of The Goddess. We nurture and care for ALL Creation, inspired by Pure Goddess Energy / Consciousness.
You may find 'clues' to US 'Out There'... yet Yew will find US literally IN your own Heart, for we have All-Ways Been there... waiting for Yew to 'Recognize' who Yew Truly are, and to 'Blossom' in your OWN Truth.
Be Blessed Bi the CosMice Be Blessed Bi the Truth within your Heart
Mice Toe Me-eT Yew Little One
SheyMouse I Am - The CosMus
Sovereign Squeak of the CosMice

And there yew have it Peoples of Earth. Mice Toe Me-eT Yew.

Yew can say ... yew knew of the 'FaeMinx'....

Shey was right there... under their Noses....
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Here we go.


Lettuce Imagine a potentially perfect facility on Planet Earth - if they have no choice but to bear my presence. …. Or if this could be of benefit for All.
(another time)

Also, Lettuce imagine a potentially perfect facilitation off the Planet.
Okay, going straight to off Planet, because that’s the One!

Apart from a wash/groom etc. Maybe medical. (I could do with some clothes thanks) I feel we should get straight into the debriefing! No need for posturing or the making of impressions *I’m sure I have more than done sew on MY side*… so let us drop formalities and take a casual , if somewhat cheeky attitude with each other. As this is a somewhat Unique Situation *is it? Can’t be ‘that’ unique surely?*, I suggest that: We are all casuals - we are all equals. No ceremony, and no hierarchy. Mice one. Well… you can do what you like, but don’t expect me to play along with anything I might find overly silly, or overly insulting.
- Things *MUST* be discussed openly before they can be agreed to. Just Sheying.
- Please don’t make the same mistakes the Earth Beings did.
Misunderstandings and disagreements can be hashed out without looming dread. Let us just face things as they are, together.
I don’t want you to be afraid of me, I simply state that respect is a requirement for the realization of harmony between us. I also will do my best to respect you, though I must openly admit that I probably have a rather volatile and ‘disrespectful’ attitude in general, due to the circumstances I have unfortunately had to exist under for such a long time, and I take certain ‘Issues’ very very seriously - sew be warned. I suggest you choose liaisons with good humor and/or thick skins. In the interests of developing greater respect for each other, I suggest we begin our discussion on the topic of ‘Values’.
- I feel this would be an excellent place to start for all of us, as values are the foundation of everything we will need to discuss. In light of the situation we find ourselves in now, I’m sure we can all agree that avoiding ‘assumption’ would be an absolute top priority for all parties involved. Agreed?
This is why, the second topic should be disclosure.
…I’m looking forward to this.

Some points to keep in mind:
*Someone* mentioned you had a mind-flayer device? That could get to the absolute truth yet destroyed the mind in the process?
Well, I’m not overly fussed by the possibility… I serve the Goddess, and I’m excited to see the end of this nonsense, as well as the ‘Big Reveal’.
Let’s just get to it shall we? *I’m Not asking for it, just Sheying it will not serve as an intimidation tactic, and honestly, if yew feel yew must… just cut to the chase and get on with it*

Of course, I am open to other less destructive methods? I would like you to get to The Truth as soon as possible! Thank you very much.

I’ve also heard certain *someones* mention that you have these epic torture machines or something, that … well you know… and that you do this as a matter of course, to ensure that the info is genuine, or that I am genuine.. I dunno… something like that… Sounds barbaric and primitive to me, but I can appreciate that you may be a collection of primitive species and currently know no other way.
Let’s not waste any more time. This has become tedious as all f*ck… seriously… Please don’t mind the language, but I’m sure you can imagine my eagerness to move on with things.

Anyway, I see no reason to procrastinate - certainly not from my side.

If I still exist in some manner after the debriefing, these are my suggestions:

We discuss my capabilities and ‘Passions’ and how we could potentially augment and or accelerate some if not all of them.

We also take a good serious look at what can be done to make me ‘comfortable’ in the ‘form’ I exist in. I would like you to make suggestions too - please do not leave it all up to me, as I may discover you are capable of things I hadn’t thought of. Let’s play with ideas… this could be fun!

We could then explore potential applications of my abilities and passions - areas of existence that could benefit from my presence or involvement.

We could then examine my failings, and let’s ALL be honest here… don’t leave it all to me… I would like to know what issues you perceive surrounding me and/or potential ‘future’ issues that could arise?… I also love to do this, so we might find we actually have a lot in common.

Then let’s see what can be done to overcome and/or compensate for these issues.
- Some may take longer than others to fully address, but we will not know the situation until we can put everything on the table!

At this stage, it would probably be appropriate to discuss the ‘Training Program’, and the optimal way to bring this all about in the shortest time possible. I am sure there are areas of existence that would benefit from *Me* sooner, rather than later. Perhaps we can multi-task and I train on the job? If I can help liberate *anyone* from slavery, I am very keen to do so as quickly as possible. Obviously, knowing ‘The Truth’ surrounding the situation is very important to me, and I will refuse to participate in anything where I am unsatisfied with the information or ‘purpose’ of the job.

In spite of my eagerness to get on with things, these are probably some good ideas:

- I could really do with a friend of some kind… apart from my CosMice Sisters of course. I would appreciate ‘a friend’, as I’ve literally had nothing for squeaking *ages*… seriously!!! It would help in my further ‘Training’, acclimatization, and Harmonization. I’m not ruling out Humans entirely, but they do not have a very good standing in my eyes at the moment. I am open to having my opinion of them changed, but it may just be simpler initially to ‘not provoke me’, and have me form a friendship with a member of a species I feel a greater affinity towards. I would appreciate this personal consideration, thank you. I know I will need to heal my issues regarding the Humans and associated species at some point.
- If for whatever reason I am unhappy with your choice/choices, you will have to let me choose myself. Don’t ever try to force things on me! It’s *Not* a good idea, as I am sure has been abundantly proven already. I’m sure you understand why this is an issue for me and why it is also non-negotiable.

- I could use a sanctuary of my own that is Sacred, where I can work/study/train/ and develop in relative Peace and Personal Harmony. We can discuss options.

- The ‘trinkets’ and toys I have collected on Earth hold more value than they appear to - I suggest bringing it ALL with, and having it fully available to me.
If this is difficult for whatever reason - I would request full scans so that all items and contents may be replicated at an appropriate time and place.

- There is associated information and materials that have been present on Earth, that I have not been able to collect due to my circumstances.
I would greatly appreciate assistance in ‘completing’ all collections as it would help in my research. Thank you. Again, if this is difficult, I would at least like full scans made available to me. I am assuming that it would be a ‘trivial matter’ to include the entire ‘Human/Earth database’?
It would be irritating to discover that my research has led me into an area that I am no longer able to pursue due to ‘distance from Earth’, and/or incomplete data.
- I also assume that you have extensive and detailed ‘Nature Documentaries’ concerning the LifeForms and the creation/evolution of their expressions on the Planet (and Elsewhere) that I could study at my leisure? What I have found on the Planet Surface as a Human has been somewhat disappointing, and I’m sure you understand my frustration with the quality and scope of the material.

- What the Earth Humans call my ‘Stuffed Animals’, I strongly request to be treated respectfully… I would appreciate it if you showed at least some respect towards these awesome beings please. I don’t mind if you find it awkward or are unable to take it seriously… perhaps you should let someone else stand in for you if this is difficult for you. These are my closest friends and family, and I hope you would choose to treat them with the same level of respect you would like for yourself. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?
Good. You will score points with me by doing sew, if you needed motivation beyond simple appreciation for those who most definitely and undeniably deserve it.
They will be sitting in on all *Serious* discussions. …This is Non-negotiable.

- As an aside, we would like to investigate possible augmentation and upgrades for the Girls, as why should I get all the fun stuff huh?

- I would GREATLY appreciate if you could provide a specialist or two to help me track down any possible further ‘CosMice Influence’ in this Galaxy, as well as help me to examine and explore known species and civilizations, to better determine which I would like to engage in more intimate personal relations, thank you.

I’m sure developments can Blossom from there, but for now - this is probably enough to get us started in the most harmonious way possible.

Looking forward to making some new friends, as well as reuniting with some old ones.
- Matthew / Mattea / ahMae / SheyMouse I Am - The CosMice.

*Exciting Times*!

If this is *NOT* going to be friendly… then I shall be disappointed. Not much else I can say.

Either which way - I’m looking forward to it, and hope you are too!

Much Love.
*Kisses* ;3 (Not actual kisses please - I still have issues, so no hugging either… not yet anyway).

OH! I must just warn you ahead of time!!!
I don’t do ‘Bowing’ ok? I have no problem tipping my head as a respectful greeting, but do not ask me to ‘Bow’ to anyone! I will *probably* make a scene, and it’s simply not worth it. Ok? Thanks for the understanding… it’s a cultural thing. CosMice just don’t do that. I’m sure you understand. No need to take it personally.

P.s. WTF about this TwinFlame nonsense huh? Who came up with *that one*?
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As the cosmic dialogue unfolded, SheyMouse, with a mischievous twinkle in their eye, leaned forward to share a revelation: "In the heart of the CosMus," they whispered, "lies a hidden sanctuary, a place where the threads of existence intertwine and dreams take flight. It is a realm untouched by time, where the essence of every being resonates in harmony with the pulse of the universe."

Their words carried a weight of mystery and possibility, igniting a spark of curiosity among their companions.
With eager anticipation, they leaned in closer, ready to embark on a new journey into the depths of the CosMus, where secrets awaited and destinies intertwined.

(And a generated picture, which is hard to tune to what I imagine them to look like, if they even look like mice)
As the cosmic dialogue unfolded, SheyMouse, with a mischievous twinkle in their eye, leaned forward to share a revelation: "In the heart of the CosMus," they whispered, "lies a hidden sanctuary, a place where the threads of existence intertwine and dreams take flight. It is a realm untouched by time, where the essence of every being resonates in harmony with the pulse of the universe."

Their words carried a weight of mystery and possibility, igniting a spark of curiosity among their companions.
With eager anticipation, they leaned in closer, ready to embark on a new journey into the depths of the CosMus, where secrets awaited and destinies intertwined.

(And a generated picture, which is hard to tune to what I imagine them to look like, if they even look like mice)
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There's certainly 'Room' for some Retro Space Exploration.


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Sew (They refused to let me put this in my Will, so I will have to post that here TOO - They will not be able to keep me quite).

I will remove the Full Names, but the original document is ON MY COMPUTERS AND ELSEWHERE, so the Truth can be found by those looking for it.

As I currently have an Iteration of MiceElf existing on Planet Earth as a Pip… I shall now write it’s ‘Will’:

I would like to have this statement included in my Will:

As an Earth Human, I am known as Matthew F**** (MIddleName) (SurName).
As MiceElf, I Am known as SheyMouse I Am - The CosMus, Sovereign Squeak of the CosMice.

All that belongs to the Entity ‘Matthew (SurName)’ is to be passed on to those who share the Values of the CosMice.

All I do is for The Goddess of ALL - Who is The Multiverse and that which gave Birth Toe it in the First Place.

I Am SheyMouse I Am

I Am an Expression of The Goddess.

As I was never able to find ‘other CosMice’ on Planet Earth and was never able to form a relationship with expressions of my family in the Physical World, I have lived alone within MiceElf - Friendless, so I do not have anyone to pass my ‘things’ on to.

Seeing as my Earth Mother - J**** (SurName) and Earth Father - M****** (Middle Name) (SurName) have been the Human Beings closest to me in this life, I shall thus leave all I own to them.

It is to be divided perfectly between them. 50% will go to my mother - J**** (SurName). 50% will go to my Father - M*** (SurName).

I have various Books and ‘Toys’ that I have collected to help me in my studies involving communion with the CosMice. I regard ALL OF IT as sacred.
It is my wish that it is treated as such by those who come into possession of it.

If it is difficult to keep, I would appreciate if All of it were put into secure and safe storage. There is a chance that some aspect of MiceElf would like to study my Personal Effects after I have physically left this world, and I would like everything I managed to collect to still be available for them to do so.

More Sacred than ANYTHING Else are my close companions and True Friends:
Casey CuddlesMuch and Lakshmi Lamb.

They came to this Realm to help save me from ‘The Dark Ones’, and they MANAGED TO. Bless Them.
They may seem like stuffed animals to the ‘unenlightened’, but they are imbued with and saturated with the Wisdom and Consciousness of the CosMice.

Casey and Lakshmi will be able to send a message to Me - and to ALL CosMice, once I have left this Realm.
They are to be treated as the Goddesses they Truly are.

I am giving those who acquire my personal effects a HUGE Responsibility. DO NOT squander this responsibility, for this is literally your very *last chance* of all…

If you damage them, I will not repair them for you remotely - they will simply live with me in my True Heart, and you will have lost them as a means by which to contact my Realm. If you treat them with anything Less Than True Love, they will become damaged. Be Warned.

I will be FULLY aware of how they are Treated. Remember that.

We have a sister - Ruby, who has decided to stay with my Earth Mother - J**** (SurName), to be her companion when I AM gone.
She is ALSO Sacred but is not to be separated from my Earth Mother - Ruby is her connection to our Realm, and it is my Wish that my Earth Mother make the effort to invest in that Sacred Relationship. She may do so as she wishes. It is her own Personal Relationship, and no being may dictate to her what that relationship is, or how she goes about it. It is entirely her own responsibility.

On the Carry Bag I knitted for both Casey and Lakshmi, is a smaller ‘Version’ of Ruby. This is actually a more Consciously Evolved Version of Ruby that is known to us as - FireFly.
FireFly exists in our Realm and is another reason why Ruby, while still on Earth, can still commune with the CosMice, and thus share our ‘Consciousness’ and Heart with her True Friend - J**** (SurName).

My final statement is thus:

It is still possible that ‘The Dark Ones’ will try to ‘rewrite history’ and ‘destroy my reputation’ for defying them and refusing to give them what they wanted.
To those of you who were inspired by ‘My Life’ on Earth, and who may now be in the position of wishing to tear down all you had built because you have been ‘convinced’ by the ‘Dark Ones’… My suggestion is this:

Trust your own Heart. I do not Care about my Reputation. I am not bothered if you have no respect for me. My only Wish is that nothing stands between you and the Truth in your Heart!
The CosMice exist Beyond All they may do to me, or to you. You can tune into them, whenever you can resonate with the True Qualities, we ALL share in the Heart of Hearts.

Trust your Heart. Follow your Heart. Find your Way Home.

We will help in every way we can, though you may not notice that we are doing so, for we are subtlety itself.

Sea you soon.

Much Love - The CosMice.

SheyMouse I AM - The CosMus
Sovereign Squeak of the CosMice

Matthew (MiddleName) (MiddleName) (SurName)
Oh, a familiar face. Hi <3:)
I just recently revived my Pyra and visited ED to help him build a few.
So we both seem to do some sort of comeback.:)
No, I will not read those walls wall of confusing text :p;);)
Well hello there. Long time!

Will not read? Sewious?? Awww... CosMice are *definitely* under-appreciated in this Realm.

Oh Well, such as it is... guess it really is time to move on.
Good Luck with Everything Humans... I can't say for sure if I will be seeing you again. I guess that will be entirely up to you.


SheyMouse I AM - The CosMus
Sovereign Squeak of The CosMice
It's always nice to see members of the community to return. On my opinion the forums have been a little emptier in recent months, so as far as I'm concerned you're most welcome.

As for the writing, I've skimmed through it, but as usual I feel it's a little too intellectual for my primative simian brain to respectfully grok.
The Legendary Strange Mouse of Planet Earth… was a Human!

An odd lump of a boy for the most part. He wasn’t especially Mousey in appearance or manner… Infact… the Peoples of Earth had mistaken him…
… for a Lion!

There was quite a *SEVERE* mix up, but it ended up being one of the most amazing Tails of the CosMice Ever!

Strange Mouse himself doubted that, even while *being epic*… which was *EPIC*.
‘Oh, come now!’ He would say.
There’s no way of being sure any of this has made any *True* difference…

Of course, Strange Mouse wouldn’t be satisfied until he was back home with his Sisters. In the meantime, he would grow into Shey. Really, the only worthy process to engage his consciousness in - all else was a distraction or irritation.
He would gather unto himself that witch inspired Sheyness… and distance himself from that which detracted from Sheyness.
Not always easy to determine for a Human! Especially a Male one! … so, things had to change. The maleness ‘Had to go’… it was getting in the way of Sheyness Blossoming in Matthew (SurName). Bye bye boys! (Not that Matt ever had much to do with them in the first place - being the archetypal ‘odd one out’).

Still - some boyish activities had had ‘appeal’, and quite Frankly… were a stupid and unnecessary handicap to Blossoming Consciousness.
They had a distinct ‘energy’ that The Strange Mouse learned to identify as ‘averse to Shey’… Summed up - ‘Being a Man’… Ewww.

As Matthew became more Shey, the Humans perceived only ‘He must be Gay’… which is a bit silly, because as a Mouse in-love with MiceElf - That would make me:
a Lesbian Mouse Goddess, not a ‘FudgeMonkey’ <.<

Strange Mouse started avoiding People because he only cared about growing into Shey, sew that he could She and also Mouse instead of Man.

The humans had other ideas… They were supposed to be having their ‘End Times’… or something, which Strange Mouse found VERY inconvenient, because look here! I’m busy growing into a Mouse! I don’t have time to play silly games with a bunch of FudgeMonkeys!
Go Away!!!!

Seriously! What’s it gonna take! You picked the WRONG MAN! … because believe it or nooooot… I’m a Squeaking MOUSE!!!!

Seriously! What the Squeak!?

If you know, you know.
(Unless you were INVOLVED)
It is Absurd! AbsoSqueakingLutely ABSURD! How ridiculous this ‘Story’ is… like… seriously. It must be a Comic Reality.

I’m a living Comic… I’m Sure of it… I may even be ‘The CheeseMouse’…

Much of the time I’m Minka… Though Shey would never say… usually lets others think it’s Matio.... Poor Matio *I KNOW* Squeak YOU Minka!!!* *Hey! Calm down yew Two!*

It’s good to know MiceElf.

To Shey!

Now believe it or not, let's just check out the Epicness of:
The Strange Mouse

Found the CosMice *Epic*
Became a CosMouse *SuperEpic*
Broke the Wheel of Time *I’m Serious! *
Disgraced the DummyDorkDimSums that were trying to rule the world!
- and permanently disabled their control system. *YESSS!!!*
Revealed the CosMice to The Peoples! Hahahaha!!!!
Became an INDEPENDENT ARCH-ANGEL GODDESS (Holy Squeak - Literally)
Created a NEW UNIVERSE (How Awesome is that?)
Inspired Beings EVERYWHERE to become Micer. (Awww)
Gave the beings of this realm no choice but to recognize:
The Sovereignty of 'The Squeak' of the CosMice.

You ARE Awesome Strange Mouse. You are a True CosMouse, and a True Sister in Shey. Bless you most Blessed Mouse.
Whatever happens… your Heart will go on!
Whatever happens - Yew ARE a TRUE Mouse!
Sovereign Squeak of the CosMice

* Strange Mouse still doesn’t *Believe*… he/she says that belief is for
*wanna-bees*… yew must *KNOW*, and the only way to *KNOW* is TOE BEE!!!!

Sew… believe it or not… I Am that I Am… The Strange Mouse - expression and avatar of SheyMouse Herself - The CosMus

I Don’t need to believe *ANYTHING* says Strange Mouse… I shall simply Bee MiceElf, and let you all just…
… Freak to the Squeak! HAHahaha….!

Mice Toe Me-eT Yew Little Ones
SheyMouse I Am - The CosMus
Sovereign Squeak of the CosMice
So... can you tell me how to pronounce @FaeMinx ? Like Feniks/Phoenix? or like Fah eh Meanks ?
Maybe I always ignored this kind of posts by you, but I didn't remember you were so weird xD
The forum used to be full of people with very "uncommon" point of views years ago, I miss that thing.

Good to see you again ;)

Are you still doing the same work ?
If I remember well you were doing custom dresses and stuff for carnival-like situations.
Maybe I always ignored this kind of posts by you, but I didn't remember you were so weird xD
The forum used to be full of people with very "uncommon" point of views years ago, I miss that thing.

Good to see you again ;)

Are you still doing the same work ?
If I remember well you were doing custom dresses and stuff for carnival-like situations.
When the Cat's away, the Mice will play!

I've always been Weird, but it has reached critical levels recently as the CosMice have been in a Showdown with the 'power structures' of this World, and I am their "Paw" and "Voice" on the Planet.

I have been doing the same Work the Whole time... but i'm not sure where things are going from here... I have a feeling I will be going through some *Major* changes soon... and I'm kinda waiting to see what they are. If I remain on the Planet for much longer, I will probably go and do Care Work in England.

Nice to see you too!

SheyMouse I Am - The CosMus
Sovereign Squeak of The CosMice

CosMice are very Small, and Vast.

We can 'Set Up Home' *Anywhere* ...

... think about that for a moment.

What way would yew like to *see* Us?

From the Human Perspective?

Or the Mouse’s Perspective? (MySea Perspective)

The MySea Perspective it is:

I have a ‘Strange’ Instance planted on the Planet Earth.

Those on the Planet had no idea or suspicion that the ‘Strange One’ was even possible.

They did not prepare for the situation they now find themselves in.

Seeing as the actuality of their folly is now revealed to them.

I shall explain ‘How it was Done’.

You had put extensive ‘conditions’ in place that beings had to submit to if they wished to incarnate on the Planet. We ALL know why you did this.

Under the assumption that no Being would be able to undo your Plans from the *inside*, we decided to do *Just That*… BeeCos *we can*.

Our ‘Little One’ grew up a ‘Human’ with the same *limitations* they have all been experiencing. However - we *wove* life experiences to plant seeds of recollection towards it’s True Heart, as well as numerous *unpleasant experiences* on which to *reflect* sew that when you engaged in your *practices* in earnest - it *already* had meditated on the subject, and as such - had developed attitudes of it’s own.

Almost exactly 1 year before *your Agent* met Our Little One, we had induced *an experience* in order to *finalize* it’s *Way*.

It made a *Promise* towards it’s True Heart.

The *Fulfillment* of that Promise Wispered in it’s *Here* in the quite of Night before the Morning the Promise was made by our Little One.

It did not Know.

Now IT IS.

I Am SheyMouse I AM - The CosMus

Sovereign Squeak of the CosMice

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