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Peony has been messing about in the Wild Life sandbox mode again. This screenshot is a bit spicier than the previous ones so I've had to censor it a tad so I don't get banned.

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Also I don't consider storytelling to be lying just entertaining.
So do you consider consensual lying is lying, or it's just a contradiction in terms for you ?
If Rosalia says "Lie like you love me" to someone, and that someone doesn't love her but tells her "I love you", is that someone lying ?
P: That's someone doing what a lady tells them to which is highly recommended if they want to stay in the ladies' good books.
I know. But is that someone lying ?
Assuming Rosalia didn't mean "put on your loving face (and loving mode for all body parts in general) and get flat on the bed" but she meant "tell me you love me even if it isn't (yet?) true".
Did that someone lie to her ? (with good intention or plausible excuse or whatever, I think catholics have some concept of "piteous lies")
Because that's related to whether storytelling is consensual lying or just not lying at all.