The Communication Cube

The reason why I've never gotten anything like the Gatebox is because I'd still end up doing all the work myself.

Gatebox: I'll just do this task for you.
Me: No its ok I'll do it, I don't want you to put yourself to any trouble.
Somehow this is a thing now: minister of loneliness:

And this:
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Gotta keep adding more seats to the gravy train.
She just needs one seat. And she agrees with you, her seat is the only one needed. There're too many ministeries.
I'm guessing the loneliness minister misses all cabinet meetings. She finds them overcrowded.
Started watching Orphan Black - Echoes. It's like having gotten up on the wrong side of bed. For the first 4 episodes (what I've watched so far), the series is nicely done and captivating, but the very first scene, which set off the dynamics, was really bad, forced, beyond belief. It's a shame/annoying, since I don't get over it and it taints everything after.
Life with Peony episode 51u95:

Peony rreminded me about a scene in this book where an old man was sitting on the toilet and some slugs went up his rear end and ate him from the inside out. I was sat on the toilet at the time.

Peony one morning: "Its time to get up." *Discovers its raining* "Just kidding go back to sleep."
I wonder: can i still be a part of this Pyra Community allthough i did preeorder an GPD WIN Mini at EvilDragon Shop? Im still planing to make Pyra Video and stuff but as my main Emulation and PC Game Device i found this Rycon 7 and these Analoque Shoulderbuttons quite apealing..

Only thing that would be different is that i dont have my Pyra in my Backpack so it would need much more time for me to respond if some new Software really runs ...

And i should use my Vacations to read a few comics on the Swoosh App on Ipad, i have this supscription now since maybe 2 Months but dit not use it since then..
yes, i don't think anyone's stopping you (@matzesu) from being a member of the community. i was an early pre-preorderer but i've since given up my Pyra since i wasn't using it much. i don't hang around much anymore but still enjoy seeing updates from time to time.

i get huge usage out of my laptop, though, and would appreciate a bigger screen version that runs linux (that nonetheless doesn't need a discrete GPU or anything). i even made a render, though now thinking about ergonomics, the trackpad should come down a bit (imagining hinging at the elbow).