Welcome to the new OpenPandora / Pyra / GP32X Boards!


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Mar 4, 2003
Finally, after a lot of work, I am happy to reopen these boards again to both you fellow GP32X and Pyra / Pandora Users!

What's new here on the boards?

The former gp32x.de, the temporary OpenHandheld boards (which we created when GP32X had a downtime of a few weeks) and the Pandora / Pyra boards have been merged into one.
Additionally, the OpenHandheld File Archives have been included as well (Resources).

Together, we now have over 1 Million posts here! An awesome archive!
Let gp32x.dee back to life here!

The Other Consoles Area

Most of GP32X has been given it's own forum section ("Other Consoles" in the menu bar), except for the development stuff.
The Other Consoles-Discussions from the Pandora boards have been moved to the new "Other Consoles" section as well.

The Development Area

The Development stuff from both GP32X and the Pandora Boards have been merged into the Development Section.
Using Prefixes, you can easily filter system specific posts (just click on one of the Prefixes or use the "Thread Options" at the bottom of the page).
When creating new threads, you can also use the Prefix to specify if your thread is limited to a single system or a general thread.

The Resources

As mentioned, the full classic File Archive has been included in the Resource-Section.
You can also use it to upload new stuff for those systems.
You can also upload Pandora or Pyra stuff which do not go onto the repo (i.e. documents, etc.)

I'll add the Pandora files (Case data, Gerber files, etc.) to those resources soon.

The Pyra Wiki

The Pyra Wiki has been created and can now be populated by you all!
There's a bridge between the forum and the wiki, so you can simply use your forum login for the Wiki as well.
Right now, it's a bare MediaWiki without any addons - but simply let me know what you need and I'll install it if it makes sense.
You can find the Wiki in the Pyra Area of the main menu bar.

Some more clean-up

Thanks to the prefixes, I could merge some more forum sections. No need for Hard-/Software or Sales-Support, it's now a single forum where you can use a prefix to classify your support question.
Same goes for Software Releases: The developer can easily choose whether his release is a Beta version, a Release version or an Update.

What's good with these new boards?

  • They're a LOT faster. They even work fine again on the Pandora, thanks to the missing WYSIWYG editor. We got a rich text editor, but if you like, you can even use a full plain BBCode editor.
  • Tons of great addons available, a lot more flexible than IPB4. Missing something? Let me know, I'll check whether it's possible!
  • Awesome support from the creators. They also listen to requests from the community.
  • All old links are being redirected to the new site, so search engine results will still work!
  • All Facebook, Twitter and Google+-Share links are only activated once you click on them. So NO privacy issues here, those sites will not know that you're surfing here until you click the button!

What's missing?

  • Importing wasn't easy - while I managed to get everything imported, I'm sure there are some posts which have some wrong quoting tags... I found at least 6 different ways how Invision Power Boards created quotes... it was horrible.
    So yes, there are some wrong posts, but I think it's only a couple of hundred (out of over a million!) and they're perfectly readable.
  • The search function is missing some useful things (search posts BEFORE date, for example), but improving the search feature is on the todo list of the developers.
  • XenForo only supports polls with ONE question. Therefore, all polls with multiple questions have been truncated to one.

What should I do first?

Well, log into the boards.

Having trouble to login?
The old forums had two different usernames: One for login and one that was shown with your posts. If one doesn't work, try the other one. If it still doesn't work, try getting a new password via eMail.
If all else fails, drop me a mail at evildragon@openpandora.org

When logged in, go to preferences to change your preferred Privacy Settings, choose your favourite forum theme and check whether your Avatar, Signature and any other settings are okay.

If you find any issues or have suggestions, let me know at the "Site Feedback" forum.

And now.... I wish you more relaxing holidays and hope you'll enjoy the new boards and all resources here!
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I had a little problem posting this comment; with javascript enabled, I didn't get an edit box, but now having disabled it again I've got a plain text area to play with.

I also had a little trouble logging in at first, due to the system reporting I didn't have cookies turned on. In the end, enabling cookies for both the http and https sides, plus turning on javascript did the trick, but I could do with checking more to see what's actually needed out of that lot.
Everything looks good here. Even running through the password reset feature.
Just a quick note:

In case you had a different username on gp32x, it seems to have changed to that one!

You can change the username yourself in the control panel!
Just be sure to try using your old username for login!
I thought we'd lost the 'Other Consoles' threads but see they've moved to a new section you have to click through the main navigation menu.
Nice work ED on merging the 2 forums must've been a bit of an effort but good to get it all under one roof
I'd be happy to see some of the old-time GP32X users back here who haven't visited for a long time as well. Let GP32X live on!

Still alive, haven't done much gp32/gp2x in a long time - after the who 2-yr waiting list for the Craiginator fiasco I pretty much dropped out of that scene in disgust.

Closest I come to programming toy computers now is a combination of writing Scratch code and messing around with Raspberry Pi's.

Good to see y'all are still here though.

Still alive, haven't done much gp32/gp2x in a long time - after the who 2-yr waiting list for the Craiginator fiasco I pretty much dropped out of that scene in disgust.

Ahh.... yeah... totally understandable.... Craig is long gone though, and most of us got out of the fiasco pretty well.
You missed a lot of fun here afterwards :D

Closest I come to programming toy computers now is a combination of writing Scratch code and messing around with Raspberry Pi's.

Well, we've come a long way. The Pandora is no mere toy computer, you can actually do tons of useful stuff with it.
And the Pyra (currently in development) will be a fully fledged Miniature PC, with quite a bit of horsepower :D
Thank you for all the hard work.
Would be really nice if the software releases tied in with the repo.

Edit: turning off "Enable email from other users" in the default pyrawiki-account everyone gets seems in order.
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Congratulations on getting things back online ED, and Merry Christmas everyone!
(Or other salutations as appropriate for your own belief systems or lack thereof that are appropriate roughly to the winter solstice event in the northern hemisphere.)
Test post! I can tell already there is much less friction in using it on a mobile though.
Strange. I tried to change my avatar, and it didn't show up in the CP, only until I went down to post did I see it.
Oh well, it's just something for me to nag at.
I checked a few times while you were working on getting everything switched over. I hope it wasn't too unpleasant and you had some time with family and friends.

Even my Pandora is happy here now. Thanks!
Excellent work ED :)

And Merry Xmas everyone!

Long time GP32/GP2X/Pandora user here, but haven't really posted anything in a while! Maybe now is a perfect time to resurface and stop lurking :D

I got my pre-pre-order Pyra signed PCB a couple of days ago, and am starting to get excited for the Pyra!
Yay! This is cool. A bit confusing at first, now with the development section being for all devices together, but I like my postcount ^^
Looks like a massive improvement to the last one, pretty neat.
I wonder how the additional empty lines in between came to be in my old posts, have already edited them out of one that was a bit huge.

The trophys are nice, I've instantly got a bloody lot, didn't even know I got over 1000 likes.