Hello, Just Joined The Community

I've been using Code::Blocks command line interface... that app can build ANYTHING! It builds stuff my default terminal and the pandebian root terminal can't even build!
Heads up. I'd go grab EDs address (dragonbox.de has it in the contact info) and have the RMA sheet saved or bookmarked encase something goes on your Pandora. I just had the screen go out on my second one so they're both on their way to Germany to be fixed. I'd suggest you at least take time to look over the RMA stuff encase something happens.

My pandoras' serial numbers were 887 (?? Remembering off of the top of my head) and 895 so.they seem to be in the batch that had a weaker coil for the screen.

Keep in mind they can.break and check the hinges for cracks and the front screen bezel for any popping out. This can crack.the top lid. It actually broke a bit of my lid due to a horribly warped and I'll fitting bezel.