Snesmote - The Competitor To The Icontrolpad


Sep 15, 2010
I've been a fan of retro games since the weren't even retro. As a consequence i was really happy to see that portable emulating consoles like the Caanoo/Wiz/Pandora evolved, giving me the opportunity to play my favourite SNES games whenever and wherever i wanted. I also watched the emulating scene on mobile phones growing bigger and bigger. I think the first emulator i used was a GameBoy-Emulator on my W800i. So now that i switched to my Desire HD i was really happy to see even more complex consoles (like the SNES) emulated on my Android-device. I bought some emulators just to find out that playing them on a touchscreen was awful. I was aware that there was the iControlPad to fix this issue, but (sry for that, craig) it was too expensive for me (a poor electrical engineering student). So i searched the web for other bluetooth-gamepads, just to find out that the MSI BGP 100 was sold out everywhere. I also found out that it is possible to use a Wiimote on the Desire HD, but not with the HTC Sense-Rom. I flashed Cyanogenmod 7 and paired my Desire HD with the Wiimote. I found out that playing SNES games with the Wiimote was awful, too. The Button-Layout of the Wiimote just sucked. I sadly looked at my beautiful reto SNES-Controllers and back again to that ugly square-thingie that they call the Wiimote. And had the final idea. Why not cramp that ugly piece of modern technology in that beautiful SNES-Controller?
Yeah....the Birth of the Snesmote!

Ripping apart that Wiimote to get her guts:

Battery-pack with indicator-LED and socket for the charging cable:

Charging socket and LED (outside view. I know the holes are uneven. Don't you dare to comment on that!)

top view

back view (sync-LED)

and the whole Snesmote in all its retro-beauty!

A video of my first prototype

What do you think? :)
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Thorax said:
i soldered them to the corresponding buttons of the snes board...
I mean which button have you mapped to which? E.G. A->A X->1 etc. Obviously the Snes controller has one more button than the wii (I think?).
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Well u can see it in the first pic....

I soldered Select to the on&off button. so unfortunately this button is without a function in emulators :-/
Com64 said:
What about using a Wii classic controller? :lol:
u want to carry around a wiimote and a wii classic controller just to play on your cellphone? i don't think so...
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