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Jul 3, 2009
Essentially, have something to say/share? Simply post it here.

Inspired by this thread on GP32X.

To thus begin, how did you get interested in the Pandora? For me it was when I discovered that my Palm could be used for emulating other systems; that got me interested in the history of games which led me to Wikipedia, reading about different consoles and one day, boom. I find the Pandora.
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Regarding discovering the Pandora; I followed the open handhelds scene on and off ever since the GP32 was first announced, I was a First Edition GP2X pre-orderer (mine cheerfully bricked itself and was speedily replaced, but the second batch used a different type of screen, which gave me headaches, so I had to sell up and I missed out on the system's prime), and having always been a bit miffed that I'd had to miss out on the GP2X's prime, I followed the Pandora with great interest, and eventually de-lurked and pre-ordered one. To go back even further in history, I discovered emulation due to the enormous fuss that Sony kicked up over bleem!, back in 1999 - if not for that, I probably would not have eventually come to be here posting this right now. :p

And I just wanted to say that I like Gundam paint markers. I'm working on a model kit at the moment (not a Gundam one, though - one of the ones from this page), and they're proving to be invaluable. :p

Also, Mega Man Megamix Volume 3 is *EPIC*.
I was dreaming of a portable console emulator, and while browsing Deal Extreme I found some cheap GBA SP clone. Found a review and the writer mentioning "I think I'll stick to my Dingoo". Then I asked myself "What's a Dingoo?" so I did some googling around until I found Craigs shop, where I also found the Wiz and something about the Pandora. I ended up getting a Dingoo from ED a week after that, but only Two Months later, I came back and ordered a Pandora from Craig (after EvilDragon not responding for 72 hours). Well, that's how I ended up here x]
@Prometheus lol I remember bleam! back int day.

I first found out about emulation at a friends house when I was 14-15 (1998?) his dad used to repair pc's and I was really into pc's back then and building my own, I had an amd k6-2 cpu :p and had a 3dfx branded gfx card in my pc, I think it was voodoo 3 or somthing :) ...anyway his dad gave me a cd with loads of arcade classics on it like simpsons and xmen(4 player version)with a program to run them... turns out it was MAME :) .

I started to download my own games for mame that I liked using a 56k modem I had to leave it download over night but I got all my favourate street fighter games.

I used to love street fighter games and wanted to practice on street fighter alpha 3 on my pc using my namco gray and yellow psx arcade stick with a usb to psx adaptor so I could kick ass in the arcade but I never got good enough to beat the masters in the meadowhall namco arcade :p and ever since then I have had emulators for all types of consoles, and even played online with them using kaillera.

I also have a psp fat with the undiluted platinum nand modchip for custom firmware although thanks to the likes DAX and custom firmware I didnt need the modchip anyway, I also have a white psp2000 which also has custom firmware and i have plenty of emulators on both my psp's :)

I first saw the pandora on engadget and thought I gotta have it so when engadget annonced pre-orders I paid streight away not knowing I would have to wait 2 years to receive it... which I did and I love it, I wish it the interface and OS was a little more polished but overall I love what the community has managed to accomplish.
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I still have a Bleam CD kicking around somewhere.
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Many years ago, I was looking for a portable solution that would allow me to administrate my PC remotely. I was using a hacked PSP at the time, but it was very difficult: I needed a keyboard.

My research lead me to the gp32x boards where I asked about the GP2X and a suitable pocket keyboard... but what is this? An all in one solution named "Pandora" and it'll be out in about 2 months? Sweet!

4 months later they took pre-orders.

20ish months after that, I finally got my remote administration terminal, and it has saved me a lot of headaches ever since. I just wish I had had it 2 years ago to save even more headaches, and that it hadn't generated its own set of headaches.
i had been software and hardware modding my nintendo/sega/sony/lg products for quite some time, for emulation, homebrew games/apps, and pirating(yes i know its bad) anyway, few years ago id heard of a product called the gp2x and the gp32, i took maybe 2-3 days looking into and and studying what it could do, after much review i decided that it couldnt do much more then i needed then my cfw psp or my flashcarted ds, so i never go either, saw the dingoo, thought the same thing. then one day i heard about this phenomenon called the OpenPandora, within a 5min research i knew i wanted one, and i wanted it know....little did i know...and this was about a year into original pre-orders. on the other hand, i also thought that this little machine never stood a chance and that it would never make any kind of money to survive, only to find out that this baby wasnt made just to print out $ but that it was created for the community, by the community, and that this was made to do what i had been trying to get my nintendo/sega/sony/lg products to do all along
I'm learning Blender :D

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I first heard of it around 2008, but I lost interest quickly due to the high price. (And my lack of money.) Then a few weeks ago, I was starting to get bored with my Wiz, particularly because MAME isn't too great on it. So I started asking around for more info. When I saw MAME run at its great speed, that practically sealed the deal for me. Virtua Racing Deluxe at full speed doesn't hurt, either.
Humble Indie Bundle is back. Discuss.
I wish indie developers would make games I enjoyed.

Also reminds me of this:

Edit: It seems like they're all weird cartoons instead of games, and almost all platformers.

They're all making platforming cartoons instead of games.

Maybe I just want a racer. Perhaps one that takes place near ridges. But all they want to make is 2d stylistic platformers.
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//I'm learning C++. I prefer the two slash method of comments..
I got interested a few years back when I was deep into gba and ds homebrew. I was surfing around looking for some games for my ds when I got to At the top, they had links to homebrew blogs of all the major systems, and I just happened to glance on the one for the Pandora. This made me think, "What the h**l is a Pandora?" I googled it and found out I really wanted one. Today, I finally placed an order.
Sweeheet. I have yet to place my order. I just got the funding.