Release SuperTuxKart for Pandora

Gave this a test - I don't think I'd installed if before, so this is my first try. Quick race worked fine for me, at least once on my GHz unit running at a smidge over 1GHz. Story mode crashed twice on trying to start a race, in a way that suggested to me it had run out of memory, but I haven't had chance to check the pndrun.out yet. I could also try running with a swapfile.

The quick race ran well though, at at least 20fps, which was surprisingly playable. Thanks!
Yeah, this one may need a swapfile. I'm not sure, as I almost always have a large one (4GB) active.

Thanks for the feedback.
I have made a new package. The SuperTuxKart binary is the same, but the libs have been updated. With latest gl4es, using GLES2 backend is possible. And with some other settings, it may even quite fast.
Because it's difficult to find a setup that work for everyone, this time I have put a simple zenity dialog at stat that let you choose the profile you want.

Not that only the last one let you use the shaders in the game (the blur effect is nice, but way to slow to be playable).

Note that textures in STK are big for the Pandora. So if you see the text becoming blocky, that means you have exhausted GPU memory... It can happens when not using any "Shrink" value.


  • Updated libs
  • Added Zenity menu to select different GL profile