Starflight - TLC for Pandora ?


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Jun 20, 2011
"Starflight - The Lost Colony" is an open source project under GPL, it's a sandbox space game, like Elite in some way.

I can't find any thread about this game, but it can be good on the Pandora, it uses arrow keys and big buttons in the interface that can be useful on a touchscreen.

From what I read on the site it is developed in c++ and Lua, but maybe the Open GL thing can destroy every hope ? Can someone with some porting experience say more ?

This project was developed over a period of several years in C++ with Allegro 4.2. It was intended to be released as freeware from the beginning (with approval from original Starflight creator, Rod McConnell). Early design work began in late 2006 with a small group of fans who developed early prototypes and concepts for about a year in their spare time. In late 2007, a group of UAT students gave the game a boost as an internship project and demonstrated it at GDC in early 2008, but it still had a long ways to go! By late 2008, script code brought the plot to life with more realistic alien encounters and a new quest system was added. In 2009, the engine and scripts were mostly finished and the game was submitted to IGF (but was not chosen as a finalist). By mid 2010, the last beta was released.

The game is open source, but due to the complexity of the C++ and Lua code, no new core team members are needed and development has been frozen. If you want to download and explore the sources, you are welcome to!


(There are more images in the Design section of the site)
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I am not sure if allegrogl needs to be ported to gles first, or if it just needs some normal conversion.

It should be doable for someone with good experience with opengles and allegro.