Some Issues With The Os.


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Jun 26, 2010
I have had a few problems with the OS.
Nothing preventing use or Major flaws.

I would like to start off saying,
I have only had the Pandora for a little over 29 hours and I ABSOLUTELY love it.

Now for the issues I have found.

1)The nubs have to be reset every now and again because of the built in (to the nubs) sensitivity tracker.
This is not permanent and Can be easily avoided. The nubs adjust to the way you use them in the first minute or so of use.

Fix: to avoid this issue just rotate them in a circle after loading into the GUI. to adjust them right just push them all the way to the "Nub barrier" and rotate the nub in a circle twice.

2) Every time upon exiting an emulator or application the Analog nub stops acting as a cursor.

Fix: Go into settings, open nub settings, click ""Restore default settings for both nubs"

That is all I have found so far.

People have also had issues putting Games/Apps on an SD card.
To do so just format the SD card to FAT32, Make a folder called pandora, then 4 folders in the pandora folder called appdata,apps,desktop, and menu.
Make sure that the folder names are in lowercase letters.

Overall the Pandora is worth getting and has no Unfixable issues. If you ever get a chance I recommend getting one.

If you have found any issues please list them in a post and I will add them along with your name to a better,More organized post later on.

All fixes listed are not permanent just temporary until they get fixed within the software code.


Sep 30, 2008
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I think it's best to have it in "I need help", so I moved it.
You should also check the Online Manual.
If you find tips that aren't listed there, you could add them to the manual :)