Sega Saturn Ports

quasist said:
This animated picture is violates board rules I believe.
<------- Ahem.

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sukhigp said:
Yes thank you everyone for boring opnions none of the comments were interesting at all.

The gp2x is good console but apparently it doesn't have the right consoles on it that's because the console isn't powerful enough to emulate saturn,jaguar,3d0,n64,dreamcast.

I've moved from the gp2x to the pc for some time now, i personally prefer the pc over the gp2x, the pc is capable of doing everything which i like alot the gp2x is not very intersting at all, i hope the pandora will be alot better than gp2x and will have new emulators which the gp2x doesn't have.

I would love to see more sega emulators on pandora i definetely want 32x,saturn if possible dreamcast.

wait.... are you 10 years old, aren't you?

also, Pandora will never emulate Dreamcast :)
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Gruso said:
Thanks to TV, most children have seen over 80 heads explode before they're even five. They do it on Sesame Street now.
I really have to start watching Sesame Street again. :)

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