What Would I Get For These Sega Saturn Games?


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Oct 1, 2007
Canberra, Australia
Well the story goes, that i used to have Sega Saturn till some dodgy brother's ex-friend stole it while we were in town. Funny thing is we paid him a visit before we return home, the guy seemed jumpy but we obviously had no clue of his darstardly deeds. Anyway he quickly sold it to a drug dealer.... [sarcasm] but for some unknown reason I didn't feel like asking the drug dealer for it back. [/sarcasm] Beyond giving the guy a sound beating, we settled on a Nintendo 64 as a replacement.

Anyway, ten years later i found some of my old saturn games and have been wondering what, if anything, they're worth. They include:

Panzer Dragoon II Zwei
Fighting Vipers
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Fighter II
Tomb Raider
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Winter Heat
Nights, into dreams...

Some games i remember and might turn up when i search:

Sega Rally
Guardian Heroes
Daytona USA

There mostly scratch free and a few lack their jewel case. I suspect its not much.... but I'm interested, might help me towards a Pandora.
The one game there that would have been worth a small amoutn is NiGHTS which was worth about £20 pre-owned here in the Uk and in mint condition. However, with it getting a re-release on the PS2, the value will undoubtedly come down to nothing more than a few pounds. Panzer Dragoon is worth a little bit, maybe £10 in mint condition. Apart from that, all the others are only worth a few pounds over here in the UK.
Panzer Dragoon could fetch anything from £7 - £25 if recent ebay auction endings are taken into account.

I believe your best bet is to sell them all together, as a lot.
TwoHeadedBoy said:
I reckon Guardian Heroes might fetch a fair bit, if you find it. It IS a Treasure game, after all.
Yes, this is true. I picked it up ages back with Dragon Force and Shining Force III. All 3 of those titles can get close to 100 USD on ebay.
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