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Games like Metal Slug will not work unless you have the 1mb expansion cartrige, the ST key 4 in 1 already has this built in. Games like Marvel vs. Street fighter, Xmen Vs. Street fighter, Vampire Savior will not play unless your key has the built in 4mb expansion cartridge. my 4 in 1 as all of those so it doesn't matter. A key without the memory expansions will not play above said games and some other games as well that required the memory expansions.
The action replay cartridge V4 I own for my PAL system has built in memory and you really need that extra memory to be able to play some great games!

Sega Saturn Pro Action Replay plus
Cheatcodes - Import Adapter - 4M extra backup Memory - 1M~4M auto switching Expansion RAM for games that require Extra RAM.
Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa back the fuck up here. There's a cartridge you can get to play import games? Does it work for "backups" too? Where can I find this miraculous device? Shit, I was worried I was going to have to find a new Saturn and mod it since mine's a Model 1.
Macbeth posted on Oct 26 2005 at 10:37 AM said:
NiGHTS IS hard. I mean like.. collecting all those ball things then flying to the thing which takes the ball things from you in that time limit. I can't get past Lv.1 on Girl version or Lv.2 on Boy version. (Can't remember their names)
Uh, I don't like games where you have to blow everything up...
Christmas NiGHTS.. I've heard of it, seems hard to track down a copy though.

Just pulled the Saturn out of the closet after reading this post. NiGHTS really needs the 3D controler. I tried it without it and it is more difficult to play. The 3D controler really gives you...well... :blink: ...more control over NiGHTS.

Really the games that stand out in my mind on the Saturn is the Panzer Dragoon series. Fighters Megamix was good. It had the characters from both Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers games. Guardian Heroes is great with single or multiplayer. Daytona and Sega Rally both good racers. Baku Baku is a good puzzler. Tempest 2000 is a good blast from the past, although I feel that it is best played on the Atari Jaguar. (One of two games that was worth a Jag purchase) Bubble Bobble is an all time favorite. I missed the Grandia RPG on this system, but did get in on it with the Dreamcast. And of course NiGHTS. There were some good games to blow stuff up in, but you have said that you don't really go for the "blowing up stuff" type games. the only access I have had is the USA game releases. :( Back when I was buying for Saturn (that's when Saturn was hot) I did not have Internet access.
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Ravnos posted on Oct 29 2005 at 03:03 PM said:
Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa back the fuck up here. There's a cartridge you can get to play import games? Does it work for "backups" too? Where can I find this miraculous device? Shit, I was worried I was going to have to find a new Saturn and mod it since mine's a Model 1.

don't know about back ups but my cart is called an "Ultra Madness 4m Turbo-Key"

google or ebay it. It is worth owning trust me and opens your Saturn up to all kinds of import goodness.
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Just tried playing NiGHTS again, but miserably failed, it's so difficult with the normal Joypad! Worth investing for the 3D Pad, darkman?
I ordered the NTSC of Fighters Megamix, so I don't get the 'PAL treatment' if you know what I mean..
I do like Virtua Cop 2 too, although I've only one lightgun, and since I am so nice, I always let the person who is playing with me use it, so I guess it's only half the fun without the light gun. House of the Dead is good too as a lightgun game, but bloody hard, would you not agree?
I see you like Calvin and Hobbes, darkman.. I love it! I used to read them when I was younger, and a uh friend of mind said they always wanted a huge plush toy that could talk to them too, a-ha, sad, isn't it? :unsure:
EDIT: About NiGHTS, I love the ending song Dreams Dreams, but I heard there was a different version for Christmas NiGHTS? Is that right? Or shite?
If you like the dreamy mood and feel of the game, it would be well worth the price of admission. NiGHTS was made for that controller and it is the only way to truly enjoy the game. Just remember there is a slight learning curve, but once you catch on you will be whipping NiGHTS all over the place.
About Christmas NiGHTS, it seems to me that it should have been a part of the original NiGHTS. It works off of your Saturn's clock and calender. The snow appears in the game in December. On Christmas day the big guy in the red suit is flying around in the background in his sleigh. It was amazing to me at the time that this was just given away in a magazine. I would have to play it again to answer the question concerning the different song. :)

Calvin is my mentor in dealing with aliens. I was a little like him when I was a kid. I even had my mother to make me a mask and cape even before there was a Calvin. :D

Edited: Played through the Christmas NiGHTS. The song is different at the end. It is jazzy with voice only and tight harmony. Very good.
i picked up a saturn a while back for the many good shootemups, adn here are some good ones:
the popular radiant silvergun(too expensive)
battle garega
and many others i cant think of now

also saturn classics like nights and panzer series are a must buy. many good saturn games!

anyway, definitely get that 3d controller, it made nights! damn i love this game so much! loved it even more back in the day. definitely has a nice mood/atmosphere and good game music.

ravnos, surprised you haven't heard of the action replay cart ;)
junker posted on Oct 30 2005 at 12:28 PM said:
ravnos, surprised you haven't heard of the action replay cart ;)

I have, but last I heard it doesn't play burned games. :(
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Just played through NiGHTS again and.. I completed Elliot's scene ! I must admit, the ending song is alot better to hear when you earnt the right to listen to it.
I'm thinking of getting a 3D pad for the Saturn but I heard it does not work for many games before it was released, obviously. I wonder if Fighters Megamix supports it.. I heard the 3D Pad was also called Multi Pad for some reason, I have no idea..
Is Panzer Dragoon Zwei any good? I have completed Panzer Dragoon RPG, but that was a non-rails game, I wonder if the rails will ruin it..
the digital pad will work with any game, the analog won't. But still, its much more comfortable to hold even when using the digital pad than the normal saturn controllers.

panzer dragoon zwei is very cool, yes its on rails, but not as much as the first game, you can choose paths every once in a while on zwei, but it's still very fun.