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Oct 7, 2005
United Kingdom
Hello all.
This year I am planning on splashing out on lots of Sega Saturn thingys; I would like your opinion and recommendations on some things...

Which multiplayer games do you recommend? Do you think I should get Fighters Megamix? I've played it and loved it, but I heard the NTSC JP version was best; no borders and an extra character.
What games should I get for the Sega Saturn? I have a mod card thingy which allows region free, so suggest anything, please! I heard Shining Force III was great, but rare.

Thank you!
some of my faves-

Panzer Dragoon Saga
Albert Odyssey
Radiant Silvergun
Sonic Jam
Guardian Heroes
Megaman X4

There are loads of great games, but if you aim to actually buy them it will be expensive to get the better titles.
I liked Iron Storm, but I'm probably the only person who did.

Also, Policenauts is probably pretty good if you can speak and read Japanese. I can't, but I liked Snatcher so I'm assuming it's good based on that.
The best saturn games in my opinions (the ones I own):

-Virtua Fighter series
-Virtua Cop series
-Daytona USA
-Saturn Bomberman
-Sonic 3D Blast
-Sonic Jam

Also check out Megaman 8 (played the PSX version) and Megaman X4 (own it on PC) as they're some pretty sweet games aswell.

The only multiplayer I've listed are Virtual Fighter/Cop, Daytona USA, Saturn Bomberman (the BEST multiplayer game I've played for Saturn), Scud (another awesome title), and well that's about it unless you also count Sonic Jam as you can play as Sonic's sidekick Tails but it's still more single playerish.

My Saturn didn't live too long of a life and I haven't been able to get that many games for it, I'm glad I already have these games now and planning on buying a new Saturn to reexperience these great classics once again.
Thank you for the replies.
Radiant Silvergun?! That's like over 200$! And Panzer Dragoon Saga; completed tons of times, and own the Japanese version, I don't plan on splashing out on PAL version, anyway, understand what they say at the beginning is easy; you already know Latin if you speak English.. well, partly.
I love Bomberman, didn't realize there was a Saturn version.. I guess I need a multitap.
I'm surprised no one did mention Fighting Vipers. It's great! I'm thinking of getting an Official Saturn Arcade Pad thing, but I heard they are expensive; think I should get it?
Sonic Jam is great I agree, when I had it I just sat there for ages with a friend watching all the advertisments, gee they were insane..
Thinking of getting Christmas NiGHTS, but I suck at NiGHTS, I can't even get past Lv.1, it's too difficult, but I am thinking on shelling out for a 3D pad for PDS and NiGHTS, it may make it easier..
P.S. Why did no one mention Die Hard Arcade? It was sheer brilliance with a friend.
Die hard arcade kicks ass ,short game but its great ,i have the full version on cd here somewhere few others i should probly back em up to iso...

if you can get duke3D thats allso great , shoot up all the bogs in every level to get death tank addon game- great game for multiplayer im still waiting for a clone of that for gp32.

Well the import games I own are Vampire Savior, which is an awesome 2d capcom fighter, and Gun Griffon: the Eurasian Conflict, which is a suprisingly good mech game for how cheap it was.

As for normal games, despite the reviews, I highly recommend Sonic R. That is a great game. Also Shining the Holy Ark is a pretty good RPG. Panzer Dragoon Zwei is very good as well. Fighters Mega Mix is awesome. hmm lets see what else do i have thats good??? I think thats it.
saturn bomberman!!!!!!! 10 player bomberman is ace!!! i wouldnt try it on a portable tv though :p

i have:

athelete kings
saturn bomberman
fighting vipers
mighty hits
xmas nights
xmen-children of the atom
discworld 2
virtua cop 2+ gun
house of the dead
virtua fighter 2
sega rally
sega world league soccer 96 (or 97)
disc 1 of panza dragoon saga
loads of crappy demo discs

maybe a few more, theyre all in the cellar. now ive started to think about it, im worried that the battery in the back might have leaked after all these years down there :unsure:
Wow, most people here have NiGHTS, I do like the game, it's just so difficult. I love the song Dreams Dreams, although the two different versions of it (adults and children), can't tell which one I like better.
Athlete Kings, AGH, I did like it, but it drives me insane, played it so many times.
nights hard? Geez, i think you need some more practice, i think this game is very easy. If you can, try to find the Christmas version. There are some nice bonus stuff on that.

I also forgot to mention a game i have that is very fun, Iron Man and XO man of war in Heavy Metal. Its an ok side scroller game, but what makes it very fun is that you can blow EVERYTHING up.
NiGHTS IS hard. I mean like.. collecting all those ball things then flying to the thing which takes the ball things from you in that time limit. I can't get past Lv.1 on Girl version or Lv.2 on Boy version. (Can't remember their names)
Uh, I don't like games where you have to blow everything up...
Christmas NiGHTS.. I've heard of it, seems hard to track down a copy though.
Make sure you are able to run Japanese titles, I have a PAL system and action replay cartridge that allows me to run Japanese and US Titles.

The PAL releases are inferior to their Japanese counterparts, especially the shmups.
yep and the Saturn was much bigger in Japan than in the US so even after the last US title, they were still pumping out great games in Japan, and with the 4 in 1 action replay cart with the built in 4mb and 1mb expansion, you can play the great games like Street fighter vs Xmen and Marvel vs. Street fighter.
You need'nt worry, I got this Sega Saturn Key Cartridge which can play Import Games anyway. I must of got it from somewhere, it's been knocking about for years..
I heard about JP games being better than PAL or US, simply because no borders and 60hz refresh rate. Plus, crappy translation for weird American words such as "rad, "cool", "whack" et cetera.
Macbeth posted on Oct 27 2005 at 04:34 PM said:
You need'nt worry, I got this Sega Saturn Key Cartridge which can play Import Games anyway. I must of got it from somewhere, it's been knocking about for years..
I heard about JP games being better than PAL or US, simply because no borders and 60hz refresh rate. Plus, crappy translation for weird American words such as "rad, "cool", "whack" et cetera.

yeah but you want to make sure your key cart has the memory built in, just because it plays import doesn't mean it will play them all unless it has the memory built in.
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Sorry, what do you mean? 'Memory Built In'? It's just a Key, so it should work with all Region Encoded games. I don't see why it should need Memory.. it hasn't giving me any trouble. I think the cartridge is called STKey, it displays the BIOS of the Saturn, then SEGA Logo, then STKey "Loading - Please Wait", then it returns to Main Saturn Menu, then it loads CD, afterwards I press START GAME, and it starts! Perfect.