Replacing nubs


Mar 6, 2014
Hi All,

I have a classic with two wonky nubs. No amount of tweaking, fiddling, tuning, uprgading, flashing, praying, drinking or letting kids play with them will fix these wonky nubs. I'm convinced it's a hardware issue.

I've noticed I can get spare nubs. How easy are these to solder on? I haven't opened my pandy up yet to see. Are there any videos of the pcb and nub points?

Edit: Actually, I've just noticed there aren't any in stock. Ah well.
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FWIW, replacing a nub is considered one of the most challenging Pandora repairs. They seem to be held in place by two locking points underneath, and the six solder contacts around the base. Main challenge perhaps is getting the solder off those points so you can get the old nub off, since it's so large you can't heat both sides at once (perhaps two soldering irons and a spare pair of hands might help?), so are relying on braid and solder suckers.

Assuming you can then work out which way round your nub goes (hint, the plastic tab goes left), it should be relatively easy to solder in a new one.
I did it myself and its not too hard, just be very patient..
Legs? There are no legs. It's a circular PCB sandwiched directly on the main PCB. Having a go at the solder blobs with a knife after some initial work might be an idea, though I'd be a bit wary of accidentally cutting into the mainboard.