Pyra General release date?

Of those that have paid off the extra money from the deposit, I guess they'll be made in serial number order

I'm not so sure that it will be so simple. There is postage and exact costs to be worked out, and logistically it may not be possible to go in a fixed order due to different versions.
Of those that have paid off the extra money from the deposit, I guess they'll be made in serial number order, but anyone who has not paid up yet? I'm not 100% sure what'll happen there but I suspect ED will get at least all of the first 500/1000 serial number stickers printed, and not actually make up a unit for those not paid up yet, only actually constructing the unit from a likely very similar batch of parts for the time being at least.
Which makes me really curious to know what he intends to put in the serial number field on mine. Blank or ...? Looking forward to finding out.
Well, serial numbers commonly have a prefix. My pandora serial number for reference begins 120002 with a good few digits after that, and I don't believe anywhere near 120 million Pandoras were ever sold (although in reality the serial number is a lot bigger than 120 million even). If I were running the Pyra project, I'd use a different prefix for the prototypes as I use for the retail units.
Maybe in summer 2020? Leaves a little room for problems, and as a golden rule, there are always problems, and also is an average between the best-case scenario of earlier in 2020 and quite-possible-but-hopefully-not scenario of the end of 2020 (but completely ignores scenarios of latest than 2020 or never).

Of course, I appreciate people prefer to use more optimistic dates nearly all the time and live in a constant state of disappointment.
Wasnt Release Date when the UPS Driver Rings on our Doorbell ??
Or when whe open the Package as i could image not everyone wants to open the Box the same day he got it..
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Soon... I can accept a pyra with buggy software the Pandora had more bugs than a roach infested abode.
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