Pyra Bluetooth Support (Implementing)

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    Pyra Bluetooth Support thread (Please keep all random chit-chat out of here as this is a thread for OS Developers / Dev board owners to discuss possible implementation and additional features, any random chit-chat will be deleted and repeat offenders may suffer the consequences).

    Current Status:

    Not installed but easily added by 

    sudo apt-get install bluetooth (installs bluetooth + bluez)

    We need to decide on a GUI front end which is lightweight but extremely functional

    Suggested features / scripts for Driver:

    Functional non interrupted bluetooth audio (continuous stream until stopped)

    EASY (That is no manual configuration and digging into text documents) usage and support for multiple devices

    Documentation Suggestions:

    Pairing Devices

    Configuring various bluetooth controllers

    Who is implementing? 

    I'm having a go at this one!
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    Pressuing the device-power button in the powercluster should bring up a menu to power off or on wifi or bluetooth. Possibly something that can be done in notification system du jour.

    Blueman ok?

    Jorjin wg7351 has bluetooth 4.0, which i think means low-power modes and additional features.  We should make sure we pick something where those are supported if available.

    If one wants to do it manually its

    audio.conf      input.conf      main.conf       network.conf    proximity.conf  rfcomm.conf     serial.conf    

    Maybe there are some handy scripts that could be left there, tethering and reverse-tethering for example.

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