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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
This port or ProtoType use gl4es. I converted he FMOD sound code to SDL_Mixer.

It plays very well, even on CC model.


It's a very good clone of RType (or Pulstar).

And a video from Ingoreis taken from the Pandora:
  • Initial build

Now, it just miss c4a maybe?: done with build 2.

You can find a Web version (using Emscritpen and gl4es) here:

The sources can be found here:
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Have to try.


That's awesome.

More please ;) .
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ptitSeb, you are a porting machine :)

Looking forward to trying this soon.
that was fast. /me hope for more free time to try it out
a working libGL certainely help here! It's full of immediate glBegin/glEnd, plus some crazy opengl dependancies (DevIL mainly), it would have take much longer to do it with a GL->GLES port.

The FMOD -> SDL_Mixer where fast, you where right, much faster than trying to figure out how to have a working fmod lib installed!
This is a great side shooter as you said in the spirit of R-Type.

I love shmups and this is tops on my list.

Thank you Sir.
I just love this game and now I can play it on the Pandora :)

Thanks a lot.

Also it crashes if you select How to play from the main menu. But that is rather unnessecary imho ;)
Also it crashes if you select How to play from the main menu.
Wanted to report the exact same thing.

Didn't know it doesn't work.

I thought the only thing in this game I can do is to make it crash.

At least that's what the how to play shows me.

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Love it, really nice mechanic for the alt fire. Feels like it was made for Pandora.

Does play very well on a cc Pandora @ 900mhz. :)

C4A support would be great.
Found a bug.

If you change controls and exit the game it doesn't save the configuration.
How, I didn't even try one time the "How to play".

About control, ok, I'll look at why the control don't save (strange, they should go in "~/", so "appdata/prototype/home", and will see at adding Shoulder (wich one?) for Fire 2.

Thanks for the Video, it's a nice one :) , like always !
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New build.

I fixed a few things in the (original) code plus some on my own code (sound part), and, using latest glshim with FBO, I activated a few effect (look at the wavy water and the subtler effect of the charging gun)

Build 02


  • C4A Enabled! Using fusilli client (with cache for offline upload of score)
  • Fixed some sounds that were played 2 times instead of 1
  • Fixed / Added some effect (like the charge or the water)
  • Fixed the "How to play" that crashed the game
New small update, just to limit the flood on c4a server.

Build 03


  • Improved C4A using newest fusilli client: only best scores of the session will be send
Is this SZ1.6x specific? Wouldn't start for me, but I was using an older OS (1.54).
Is this SZ1.6x specific? Wouldn't start for me, but I was using an older OS (1.54).
Not sure. I don't test on older version of the Firmware but yes, it could. Can you provide the pndrun_prototype.out logfile? (but I think you should update, using the OS upgrade it's quite smooth and you don't loose your settings).