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Oct 6, 2008
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For those who have never touched a sheet of PC, PC is very ductile, you can "cut" a 2 mm sheet of acrylic by marking it with a sharp tool and then bending, but if you try that with PC, it doesn't break, it just bends. PC's high impact capacity and clearness is why it's usually used for motorbike screens (windshields), car headlights, and any application which requires transparent impact protection (but not heat protection).

So if you drop your Pyra, its case will not break, but most likely it would dent.

My only personal experience of testing polycabonate parts to destruction is in breaking up old CD-Rs and DVD-RWs. Those are made out of layers so the individual thicknesses are even thinner than that of an optical data disc. They almost always delaminate when I bend them (inside a plastic bag in case of shards flying out), and then break at some point past 90 degrees from memory.

I think what's happening in that video is due to the impact compressing the metal there's quite a lot of heat generated. I've never known a cold drop to dent any kind of plastic I can think of, it'll either shatter or scuff as it rolls.


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Sep 12, 2019
Maybe scuff would be the right term, you would need to drop it on purpose against something sharp to dent it, another example (though that's 6mm thick):

But yes, PC is what you choose when you need a cheap impact resistant transparent plastic. It's a shame it's not so easy to find (as sheets) on hardware stores, as it's great for some projects...

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this belongs in the politics thread, but gun death statistics in other countries show a different reality than the hypothetical reality you're painting.

not against gun ownership, but america needs to learn from countries like Japan and Switzerland to prevent needless deaths...
I doubt that without seeing any evidence, so I'd like to see which statistics that you mean. But that would indeed be better in the politics thread (which I follow).

Im more a fan of Knives, as these are also meant as a Tool, you can slice your bread roll whit your knive for breakfast, or open a Package whit a Pyra in, but a Gun is only meant as a Weapon, and you cant do anything else whit this..
Shure there are also Sporting Guns, but these arend also no tools..
My favourite weapon is the pen.
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