A case for the pyra.


Aug 12, 2006
Hello all! No I don't mean trying to 'make a case' for the pyra or anything like that - but instead here's a thought. You see once the pyra arrives and since it should be relatively quick I'm hoping to use mine as a replacement for a couple of devices (one being an old mobile phone which in turn replaced an even older PMP).

One thing I will definately need to do with my pyra though is to keep it safe - not so much from theft but from getting broken. So I guess I'll need some sort of tough case for it (and not just a simple flimsy fabric-style case). I do have such a thing right now, but it really won't afford much protection to the pyra.

Memory from the past: I still have an old Pelican 1040 case (originally bought for the pandora but I never ended up using the case!) - a pandora will fit in it but will rattle around a lot as it is too small (maybe the pyra will fit better?). Only snag is that although that case claims to be "crushproof" the plastic feels just a bit flimsy on the front hinge/clip part. I mean prehaps it'll be ok. The case is largely all placcy though -- I'm just a little wary of "plastic fantatic" being used for protective cases....

Does anyone here have any ideas for good quality protective cases at all?

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I always like the idea of using Pelican cases!

For something more day to day, check out some of the old brick Game Boy cases. The Pyra should be pretty close in size, so the passed cases would work.

I don't plan on having a special case for mine. I will just throw it in a pocket when not in use. Especially if we get the reinforced plastic, it should be able to handle pocket caring better than a Pandora.
[doublepost=1522683596,1522683312][/doublepost]Oh, that is one of the cheesy pelican cases. If you want something stronger look at things like the 1150, or something smaller if you can find one. If you make a spot for it in the foam you could probably beat someone to death with the case and the Pyra inside would be fine. A plastic case will be fine for everyday abuse, unless you plan on encountering fires a lot.
The old soft material Gameboy Advanced case fits well and isn't a bulky as leather or hard plastic cases. (Or rather, it fit the Pandora very well.) Mind you've I've just looked it up on Ebay and it seems the Gameboy case I somehow have isn't standard and not easily found.

Alternatively spend fifteen minutes on Ebay filtering through ammo pouches for one around 14cm x 9cm x 4 cm.
Yeah, but the Pyra will be slightly wider and somewhat thicker than the Pandora was, mainly for all the extra gubbins that are in it. It might be a bit of a squeeze in a case designed for a GBA.
As for the pelikan case and the Pyra/ Pandora rattling in it:
There is a foam, which is millable. I used some of that for tools.
You just put the toll on top of the foam us a paintmarker to draw the outline and then use the right milling tool and a router adjusted to the fitting depth. The milling is quite easy to do, because the foam gives no resitant at all and it is absolutly safe to guide it "free-hand" along the outline.
With really little practice you can cut the foam just right to make the tool stay in place and put the tool in and out with a bit of pressure.
Like this, but with a handheld router:

Of course, if there is demand of an inlay for the same Pelican case, it might be worth the afford to use a CNC mill. (I'd sy 10 pieces foam at least)
@ljones I have to agree with you on the Pelican 1040 hinge being flimsy. I've seen it first hand on a number of sizes from this Micro (IIRC) line from Pelican. The metal they use on the hinge is also not very good once it gets wet as they show rust with minimal exposure to (freshwater) moisture. I've also had latches fail on bigger Pelicans (1200) that were very tough to replace. My favorite piece is the 1510 Carry-on which has taken a beaten and keeps on rolling. As the years have progressed, my love for Pelican gear has waned.
Bulky, but nice to bring your pyra on a rafting trip I guess :D
Or the beach... All that sand... It then needs a mini-jack pass-through though, for the speakers.

But what about controlling the media player...



I need some small computer with a terminal to ssh in! :D

I'll stick to yet another leather pouch. ClockworkCoder linked it earlier in the thread.
I am very happy with my Pandora one, it protects it very well and the pandora is removed from it as fast as it were a pocket.
I can just chuck it in a bag with keys and whatnot without having to worry about it. The only time I worry about my Pandora is when I have it on my belt on my bicycle and it starts to rain real hard.
It happened a couple of times already but it all worked out so far ;)

The Pyra one will be slightly different as the usage taught me how I use it most ;)
It will be black leather, with the pyra logo plate in the lid cut out for the notification lights. I miss seeing them in the Pandora pouch.
On the side I want a hole for charging, one for the volume wheel and one for the headphones.
I hope some on-wire remote like Samsung in-ears have will be possible in due time because I'd like to skip the holes for the shoulder buttons but it would be nice to be able to pick up the phone or pause/next track. ;)
For the sake of this pouch it is a shame that the headphones are located where they are. (In the middle back) It will not be possible to remove it from the pouch with the headphones plugged in like with the Pandora. If anyone has an idea on how to solve this I'd love to hear it. ;)
What is the flap on my Pandora pouch I'd like to have closed on the sides like a lid for slightly better protection against weather.

Besides the guy here in the Netherlands I also found someone on etsy through a guy I saw with a very nice custom pouch on his belt for his phablet. He had paid 45 euro for it.


I hope the clear cases will be in the shop soon so I can start that process asap.
I am probably going to stick with my pocket. I will definitely be looking at the Nanuk cases when I am looking for something a bit larger.
I am probably going to stick with my pocket. I will definitely be looking at the Nanuk cases when I am looking for something a bit larger.

It is a clam shell - that gives innate basic screen & keyboard protection after all.

Something I would like to see - a set of silicone plugs (or a single piece of silicone with all of the ports) to act as lint barriers for the ports on the back. The 'all' option could then appear to be a nearly flush rectangle vs individual port plugs would need 'handles'.

Waterproof disposable pocket-friendly cases that don't add bulk for the Pyra - and nearly any phone - are available for $0.10 each when purchased in quantity of 75.
I remember we were talking about the silicone plugs a while back.
[doublepost=1524693550,1524693387][/doublepost]Oh, and we have discussed plastic bags as cases (been doing it for probably close to tenth years).
I remember we were talking about the silicone plugs a while back.
[doublepost=1524693550,1524693387][/doublepost]Oh, and we have discussed plastic bags as cases (been doing it for probably close to tenth years).
The wait has become so long that our brains are looping.