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Dec 13, 2004
was only fitting since we had handhelds

Ok first shot, we have the Virtual boy and the N64 and an Atari 7800, below that is my Colecovision and my Atari Jaguar


Next shot is just a bunch of my Atari 2600 and 5200 games, includes label variants only, no dupes.


In this shot is all my Intellevision stuff. Below that is a 6 switch 2600 and another 7800. This is an older picture than the rest because i forgot to take a newer picture.


This is my Oddessy 2, not to impressive here


Here is my only boxed stuff, Boxes Sega Master system, Atari 2600, Commodore VIC-20, and TI-99 4/a


Here's my NES, with an Atari 2600 JR next to it with the Sega CDX next to that and the ol' wonderswan behind them.


Next there's my busted up Dreamcast, a Genesis style 1 and 2, and Sega Saturn


Next we have another N64 and my SNES, below that is just a bunch of games for various systems.


Here's just some more games on some shelves i put up.


Thats my game room, onto my bedroom. Got the PS2 next to the TV, Neo Geo CD on the dresser and the Atari 5200 under the tv, kinda hard to see.


And lastly, the big tv in the living room gets to play Xbox and GameCube.


NOT PICTURED: 2600 vader unit and 3-4 Atari 2600 4 switchers, and my handheld collection.
Hahaha he doesn't even have a PSX! :lol:

Nice collection though.

Here's my little list:

Xbox 360 (1x)
Xbox (3x)
NeoGeo Pocket Colour (1x)
N64 (1x)
NES (1x)
Dreamcast (2x)
GP2X (1x)
PSX (1x)

I also owned, but sold :

Gameboy Pocket
Gameboy Advanced
PocketPC (Mio 168)

The lone Virtual boy sits on top of my dresser.


My 24" television, and on the top shelf is my psx, gamecube, and dreamcast. Bottom shelf on the right hand side is my ps2 next to the TV.


First drawer contains my NES, SNES, and Genesis.


second drawer contains most of my games, minus all the handheld carts (except for the DS and PSP cuz they have nice little cases), and minus snes and nes games.


final drawer contains snes games in that black N64 game case in the middle, nes games on the left side burried under other crap, the grey case on the right holds my ps1 w/ lcd and a shitload of games, and the brown leather case in the back holds all those blasted memory cards :D

As you can see, pretty small area to hold everything. I hope to expand my collection to the coleco, intellivision, ataris, sega saturn, CD, 32x, and a bunch of other stuff which I'll probably keep in the basement when I move into a new house in a few months.

edit: I have another nes with a bunch of games up in my closet from when I got my game axe.
JESUS! You are my savior!!! I 've seen some collections, but wow....

Anyways...I don't have any pics of my stuff, I should, I do have a good amount, just not as extensive as THAT!

1. Atari 2600 system, 60+ games, 2 Paddle Controllers, 2 Joysticks.
2. TG16 System and CDROM Add-on, 20-25 Hucard games, 12-15 CD-Rom Games
3. TurboBoy Mini System, with TV Sytem Attachment
3. Commodore 64 system that still works!!!- Over 50 Game Disks and Tapes.
4. NES System, 75+Games, LightGun, PowerGlove, and Disc Robot as well.
5. SNES System, 25+Games, Bazooka Shoulder Mounted Controller, InterAct Voice Control Unit (JUNK).
6. Orignal B/W Gameboy System, 20+Games, Speaker Addon Attachment, Screen Enhancement Addon
7. PS2 System, 15 Games (My Current Most Played System).

I just don't have the room or the money for an xbox\xbox360. I am saving up for a that'll be my next big break.

GP2X, Dreamcast.

Both can do homebrew on standard media with an unchipped system, which is pretty much my standards for buying a console. Might buy a Wii if they let me do homebrew on a virtual console-type system.
commodore 64
gamboy original
gameboy colour
gamecube with gameboy player
gba sp
nintendo ds lite (old was sold)
but i have a nice 26" hd ready tv to play them all now( apart for commodore 64)
every time i see threads like this i'm asking myself why does somebody need 3 xboxes or 2 n64's.... but hey it's your money ;)
Vollgasasi posted on Aug 7 2006 at 06:54 AM said:
every time i see threads like this i'm asking myself why does somebody need 3 xboxes or 2 n64's.... but hey it's your money ;)

It's all in where you look. 1 of the N64s i have was given to me for free, the 2nd 7800 i got I bought for $2. If you know where to look, sometimes you just can't pass up having dupe systems.

EDIT: forgot to add, even though there's stuff you can't pass up on if the price is right, i do agree with you in a sense. I have a gameboy and gameboy color. Thats all i need, i don't need every other color under the sun, but if the price is right, i'll pick them up, but I don't actively look to purchase different versions or colors of the same product. Which is why i'll probably never own a GBA SP or Micro, i already have a regular GBA and a DS.
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Klown posted on Aug 7 2006 at 06:38 PM said:
Here is a two year old image and a one year old image!


Note: I sold the ps2 for an xbox


liking the collection, that nintendo gun at the back is great
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