Post Your Console Collections! V2.0

^ Congratulations. Look forward to sore heads/eyes and playing something incredibly uncomfortable. :p

Only joking. Nice one though. How much did you pay for that? It's not saying how much it went for when I click your link. Just telling me to sign in and I don't have an eBay account as I just get the parents to buy stuff off of there through their accounts.

Still keeping an eye on the Game Gears. Think one went yesterday for about £10 with 7 or 8 games which isn't bad. Seen them cheaper with the same stuff so I'm just waiting for the best deal to come up.

edit: What's with some of the prices for the Phantasy Star games on the megadrive? I was looking at them a few days ago and some of them were on for more than £40. I know they are rare but I didn't realise that you could sell a copy of Phantasy Star 4 for £69.99 :blink:
It cost me £104, plus £10 postage, which is a fair bit for me, but probably a bargain considering how many games are with it. I have two Game Gears, one has better sound than the other, and one has a better screen than the other, but I'd love one of those Coca-Cola Game Gears that they made...

Anyone seen the special edition Lynx systems that were out? I know that you could get "His" and "Hers" models, and I think there was one that had a cigarette company on it as well, can't remember which one.
^ I'll have a look for that. Not particularly interested in the Lynx but then I don't know much about it and it's games.

Those Coca Cola Game Gears are cool. I've only seen a few for sale and they were at decent prices as well. Would be a nice collectors item to get hold of.

I have been looking at the Sega CDs. Got my eye on a few of them to see whether I can get a decent deal. Those MultiMegas are seriously expensive though.

Gonna go and have a look for some Game and Watch machines. I doubt I'll find any cheap but you never know. I know of one particular Game and Watch that is worth over £600 so even if I could find that for half of what its worth it'd be a win.

edit: Found that Game and Watch. Here And that is very cheap. It's worth over £600. Very tempted to bid on it.
Well, if that's your bag, go for it, that IS very cheap. I've only got one Game & Watch, a Donkey Kong Jr one that I paid £10 for in a charity shop. Wouldn't pay more than £20 for one unless it was a Popeye one, I'll only pay a lot for things if I know that I'm going to get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

Such as a Virtual Boy!
Ganepark32 said:
edit: Found that Game and Watch. Here And that is very cheap. It's worth over £600. Very tempted to bid on it.

The problem with collecting things is that value isn't static. An item is only 'worth' what somebody is willing to pay at the time you want to sell, and recently video game prices have started to fall as people try to offload all their old stuff to pay off loans etc. (or at least, arcade machines and GameBoys have been getting cheaper on eBay so I assume that applies in other categories too).
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@ DCGM - I'm not entirely sure on why they are so rare and sought after but I believe it was something to do with the fact that they were the last generation of Game and Watches to be made just before the release of the Gameboy. And so more people held out for the Gameboy instead of buying the Crystal Screens. I think it has something to do with that. As an example of how sought after the Crystal Screens are, the Balloon Fighter on is on eBay currently for £600. No bids as of yet but that's pretty much the standard price. If you have a Crystal Screen Game and Watch, they're worth a hefty amount.

@ Orkie - Yeh I know what you mean. A lot of the stuff I have been looking at has dropped in price over the last few years and I'm sure the Game and Watches will do as well. It's a shame that the value of some items is depreciating quite fast but it's the way the market goes. However, those rare Game and Watches will always be expensive to buy. It's just a matter of who'll buy them for those prices. I wouldn't buy one for much more than £150 (purely so as to sell on for profit but then nothing is guaranteed).

I'm sure this has been covered before in another topic but is there any difference between the white saturn and the standard black one (apart from price and colour obviously)? I know the white one was japan only but is that the only difference?
Not sure if this is as rare, but I've got a dual screen Donkey Kong Game and Watch lying around somwhere......I keep meaning to sell it.

Edit: piccy
^ that's the kind of Game and Watch I may get initially to start off my collection. I'll start at the bottom and try and work my way up. Just wish I didn't have to wait weeks to have the money to buy the things.

On the subject of selling that one, I saw it once in a local game shop's window for £60 but I think it sells for lower than that on eBay. I'll have a look later one when I go meandering through their listings to see how much you could get for it.
rabbits with hats said:
Thanks it sounds really interesting
Well i've finally got round to uploading the images I promised, thanks for your patience. :)

As for battery life, I still don't know how long they last i'm afraid because I haven't played it for long enough yet (3hrs on Sat), the batteries i'm currently using are 4 of these.
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I must have Samba De Amigo. I know it's a peripheral, not a console, but I really want, nay, need it!
^ It's out in a few weeks for your delectation. :p

lol. No, I would like a Dreamcast version of Samba De Amigo as well but I haven't seen a bundle for it in ages.
Ganepark32 said:
^ It's out in a few weeks for your delectation. :p

lol. No, I would like a Dreamcast version of Samba De Amigo as well but I haven't seen a bundle for it in ages.
There's a copy for £80 in my gamestation. I'm weighing up whether it's worth it.
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As I did this before I will also list mods and if I still have the original packaging for em.

1 Dreamcast (chipped and boxed)
1 Saturn (Chipped)
1 Mega Drive (cart slot grinded)
1 PS1 (chipped and painted shiney silver)
1 PSone (chipped and boxed)
1 Fat PS2 (boxed)
1 PS2 slim line (boxed, never taken out of box)
1 Original PSP (DA'ed and boxed)
1 PSP slim and lite FF7:CC version (boxed)
2 Wii's (both boxed)
1 Black Gamecube (boxed)
1 N64
2 Snes (1 region free)
1 Original DS (protection shorted out and boxed)
1 Pink DS lite (protection shorted out and boxed)
1 Black GBA (never used still in box)
1 Flame Red GBA SP (well used still have box)
1 Zelda Edition GBA SP (never used in box)
1 Silver GBA micro (boxed)
1 Blue GBA micro (boxed)
2 purple GBC's (1 boxed)
1 transparent GBP
1 Amiga 1200 with Hard disk and extra external floppy drive
1 Amiga CD32
2 Atari Jaguars (one boxed, one not)
1 Atari lynx version 1
1 Atari lynx version 2
2 Xboxes (one boxed, both modded)
2 Xbox 360's (one boxed and modded other no box and in need of a DVD drive)
1 GP2X first edition (boxed)
1 GP32 FLU (boxed)
1 Onestation (boxed)
1 Black Wonderswan Crystal (boxed)
1 Gameking 2 (boxed)
2 Neo Geo Pocket colours (one boxed)

I think thats all of em and I will stick my neck out here and say I am the women with the most consoles on this forum B)
Mighty expansive collection you have there, Mr. Ryko (a Zappa fan by any chance?).

Well, I've just took the plunge and paid £199 for a pretty much brand new Lynx II, with a load of boxed accessories and FIFTY unused, boxed games. A good deal that, right? I hope so, not that I care, it's a Lynx!

Dunno what my point is, guess I had to tell someone, as my friends/family just wouldn't understand, really.
RyokoSparda said:
1 Dreamcast (chipped and boxed)
dreamcasts don't need to be chipped, they run games off boot discs. I was never aware you could chip them.


why do people need to know why I have edited my post? I don't get it.
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