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Feb 10, 2006
i've been collecting video game consoles ever since my mom said i couldn't throw away my NES when i got a Genesis for xmas when i was a kid, and shortly thereafter found out she still had my atari 7800 in the attic. I thought i was a freak until i discovered google and found out im totally normal. people LOVE my video game collection, they see the "wall o' consoles" and run right to it. My wife gets a kick out of it, trying to find new and decorative ways to show them all off. its not HUGE or anything, and this isnt a complete list, but i'd like to have a few people list of their collections, to kinda compare and get advice.

Atari 7800
Sega Master System
NES (x2)
Turbo Grafx 16
Sega Genesis (x3) (with 32X, Sega CD is OOC)
Atari Jaguar
Sega Saturn
Sega Dreamcast
PS2 (bulky and slim versions)
XBox 360
hopefully soon ill be picking up a ColecoVision.

Number of games vary, 70+ for NES while one or two for TG16. average is 15~20

GameBoy Advance
PSP (x2)
GP2X (ftw)

also an impressive array of add-ons, like SNES super scope, mouse, Atari trackball, etc. also Sega Neon sign and a Sonic poster from CES in like 93.

sega cd
panzer dragoon saga
atari 2600
a real famicom
power glove

i dont collect too much "new-in-the-box" gear, i like em played and to be played.

so for all you people that actually like to play the older systems rather than just emulate (not that theres anything wrong with that too ^^) please post up!

and a question: for those with larger setups, how do you route everything? i hate having to setup and tear down my stuff all the time, so i have been trying to figure out an economical and ergonomical way to have all my systems setup and running into the same television and/or sound system. right now theyre all piggybacked into those pelican multi system selector boxes, but its ghetto at best. and a cheap shelf makes for a lame game stand. i dont want em all piled like you see on room of doom, more streamlined.
impressive collection you got there,

i give my old stuff away to a charity for children

as for how to route, i now just use a shuttle PC running emulators, i keep a controller and have a converter for the systems i use the most, got it them from lik-sang

so theres just one piece of hardware.
sanctuary13: You spend too much money on consoles.

You should try drugs, alcohol and prostitutes. ;)
Nice collection. Let me list my stuff....

NES (X3: Bought one, got one in a cheap pack of games and consoles, was given another one)
SNES (a pal one modded to output 50 or 60 Hertz. Also: Shitload of accessories, including VR gear and a scope.)
Master System
Playstation 2 (bulky, but I decided on a purely aesthetical basis.)
Virtual Boy (Yay!)
Gameboy (X2, one grey, one black)
Gameboy Colour
Gameboy Advance
(I also have an Amiga 600, but that one doesn't count. Also, all my discs are broken.)

I can't really expand my collection because I'm running out of room....

As for hooking them up to the TV, I have the Nintendo Multi-out cable on there which takes care of practically all Nintendo consoles. I also have the Dreamcast connected as well as an antenna-thingy-one for the two older consoles. Other consoles get connected to the front ports on my TV.
Great collection! I envy your vectrex...

Here is my console collection:

* Sega
o Sega Master System
o Sega Master System II
o Sega Genesis (Model 1)
o Sega Genesis (Model 2)
o Game Gear
o Sega CD (Model 1)
o Sega CD (Model 2)
o Sega CDX
o 32x
o Sega Saturn (Model 2)
o Genesis Nomad
o Sega Dreamcast x 3

* Sony
o Playstation
o PSOne
o Playstation 2 (SCPH-10000, Japanese)
o Playstation 2 (w/Linux)
o PSP 1.50

* Nintendo
o Nintendo Entertainmet System (NES)
o Super NES
o GameBoy (Original "brick") x 2
o Virtual Boy
o GameBoy Color (Atomic purple)
o GameBoy Color (Yellow)
o Nintendo 64
o GameBoy Advance (Indigo)
o Gamecube
o Gamecube (Twin Snakes Edition)
o GameBoy Advance SP (Black, Japanese) x 2
o GameBoy Advance SP (Black/Red Boktai Edition, Japanese)
o Nintendo DS (Black)
o Nintendo DS Lite

* Microsoft
o XBox
o XBox 360 Premium System

* Nokia
o N-Gage

* Atari
o Atari 2600 (Black) x 2
o Atari 2800
o Atari 5200
o Lynx (Model II)

* Nec
o TurboGraphX 16 (TG16)
o TurboExpress
o PC Engine DUO (Audio not working)
o PC Engine DUO

* Game Park
o Game Park 32 (Standard Version)


* Panasonic
o Panasonic Q (Gamecube)
o Panasonic FZ-1 R.E.A.L 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

* Mattel
o Intellivision
o Aquarius

o Neo Geo Pocket (Slim Version)
o Neo Geo Pocket Color (Anthracite)

* Bandai
o Wonderswan Color

* Bentley
o Pong (1978)

* Coleco
o Gemini

* Magnavox
o Odissey 2

* Commodore
o Commodore 64
o Amiga 128
o Amiga 512

And a (yet not complete) list of my games is at


I am looking for a NeoGeo, Jaguar and a vectrex....
Before I had to sell off my collection to fund my move I had an apartment just for gaming(2 story apt building that my mother had inherited. I rented the downstairs and my parents didn't want to rent the upstairs - too much hassle - so I got that one too).

I had/have:
Atari 2600 with 250+ cartridges, remote joysticks, Track N' Field controllers, Starpath Supercharger and the BEST DEVICE EVER for the 2600 - the Cuttle Cart
Atari 5200 with 40 cartridges
Atari 7800 with 20 cartridges
Atari Jaguar with 5 cartridges
Atari Lynx with 22 cartridges
Intellivision with 79 cartridges, most variants of the consoles, computer adapter, music keyboard, Atari 2600 adapter and the BEST DEVICE EVER for the Intellivision - the Intellicart (NOTE - I just saw on his site he's making a new one for the INTV! JOY!!)
ColecoVision with 16 cartridges and Atari 2600 adapter
CGE Vectrex with multicart and a score of overlays and manuals(still own)
Magnavox OdysseyII with 9 games
3-4 various Pong Consoles
Commodore64 with drive, printer a bunch of disks, 15 cartridges, and a HUGE desk-eating SX-64(loved that thing!)
Texas Instruments TI994/a computer with Expansion box, color monitor, 3 drives, tons of disks, voice module, official joysticks and 30(?) cartridges

Sega Master System with 10 cartridges
Sega Genesis with 50+ cartridges, SegaCD, 32X and Power Base Converter
Sega Nomad - portable Genesis!
Sega Saturn with 20 CDs
Sega Dreamcast with 15 CDs
Sega Game Gear with 6 cartridges

Nintendo NES top loader with 200 cartridges(Tengen Tetris was and still is the BEST Tetris game!)
Nintendo SNES with 55 cartridges
Nintendo N64 with 14 cartridges and the Z64 unit
Nintendo GameCube with 6-7 CDs(my son owns this)
Nintendo Virtual Boy with 10 cartridges(still own)
Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP with 27 cartridges(just sold - funded my GP2X!!)

Panasonic 3DO with 25 CDs - BEST version of StarConII was on this console.
NEC TurboGrafx-16 with 10 cards
SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color with 10 cartridges(still own)

Sony PlayStation with 70 CDs(still own)
Sony PlayStation2 with 25 CDs(still own)
Sony PSP with 6 CDs(still own)

And, of course, my shiny new GP2X! :D

6 PC network with cable internet that we played StarCraft, Warcraft, Unreal, EQ... anything networkable!

Gods I miss that place. :p
Good start so far, i've got

Atari 2600 (heavy Six)
Atari 2600 (4 switch) i got like 4 of these
Atari 2600 Jr
Atari 5200 (4 port)
ATARI 7800 (2 of these)
Atari Lynx (2nd version)
Atari Jaguar

Nintendo NES (front loader)
Nintendo SNES
Nintendo N64 x2
Nintendo Gamecube
Nintendo Gameboy (original brick)
Nintendo Gameboy Color
Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Nintendo DS
Nintendo Virtual Boy

Sega Master System (1st version)
Sega Genesis (version 1 and 2)
Sega CDX
Sega Saturn
Sega Dreamcast
Sega GameGear

SNK Neo Geo CD
SNK Neo Geo Pocket

Sony Playstation II
Sony PSP

Microsoft XBOX

and now for my MISC systems

Watara Supervision
Cybiko Extreme
Nokia N-gage QD
Commodore Vic-20

I think thats everything. Video game collecting is a fun and fulfilling hobby, especially when you find something good out in the wild.

EDIT FOR 3 SYSTEMS I FORGOT, added them in caps
In this household,

The Console Wars
Playstation 1
Playstation 2 (stays ready and hooked up)
Turbo Grafx 16 (Hooked up beside my desktop)
Turbo Duo
Dreamcast (hooked up beside my desktop)
Atari Jaguar
Sega Genesis, 32X, Sega CD (whew)
Game Cube (stays ready and hooked up)
Nintendo 64
Sega Saturn (gets played out every now and then)

Have had a Commodore 64, 128D in the past.

The Handheld Slaughter
Donkey Kong Jr. “Game & Watch”
Original GB
GB Pocket
GB color
GBA SP Bright
Nintendo DS
Sega Game Gear
Sega Nomad
Atari Lynx 2
Neo Pocket Color
Swan Crystal
Turbo Express
Vg Pocket 50
Vg Pocket 75
GP32 (NLU)
GP32 (BLU) My Favorite
GP2X MK2 My Favorite

Out of all of these, of the consoles, the Turbo Grafx remains my favorite system. Of the handhelds, GamePark wins.

Of handhelds I have plans on getting a PSP, a Game King, and One Station. Of consoles, I have no interests at this point to enter the next generation of gaming.

impressive lists, especialliy artemio, im in awe. my wife and i recently rewired our enitre system, still working on it, ill post pics tomorrow once we're done. basically weve got the coax systems going through a receiver/signal amplifier and the rest of the rca style going into a pelican 5-way switch. should work ok, except the coax will require audio via television, which isnt cool since we got a 5.1 dolby system. anyhoo, everyone has great listings, keep it going! more pics would be great!!
use a vcr to filter the audio? brilliant!! ill try that in about 4 minutes. and once i do, photos!
Ya know Sanctuary... you don't have to be a jerk about it...
Nice setup, lots of consoles, well lit, all systems out for play... BUT...

You gloss over your hamster without one "I'm a fuzzball" pic?? Damn you to hell! :lol:


Seriously that is a sweet setup. Nothing says "Gamer" like doing a book-end X-Box 360 and Vectrex.

Got the multicart for the Veccy? :D
no multicart yet, im after an imager as well.

and dammit, they are GERBILS!!! they need no introduction, its your OWN fault for not knowing...

although, just so you know, theyre names are Chibi and Damacy. gamer, i know.

thanks though ^^