Post Your Console Collections! V2.0


It Is Your Birthday.
Aug 31, 2005
Just bought myself an atari 2600 at a local Play N Trade! Paid 25 dollars, no tax and he threw in a bunch of games.


Will post the whole bunch at some point soon.

So go on, share the collections with everyone :)
I have a XBOX 360 and a dreamcast.
I will be getting a PS2 soon.
and I have a SmartQ t5II.

lol I use to have an atari just like that with every accessory you could want for it...
untill my dad threw it away.
Two Dreamcasts, a Mega Drive II with a Power Base Converter to play Master System games on it, a PC-Engine, a PSONE with an LCD screen, and Xbox, a 3DO (front-loading), a SNES, one of those ancient Pong machines, a GameCube, my laptop with tons of emulators on it (and a decent control pad), a Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP (NES version), a Game Boy Micro (Famicom version),, two Game Gears, a GP2X, GP32, Supervision, OneStation, Neo Geo Pocket Color, PlayPal, AtGames portable Genesis, Pokemon Mini, DS Lite, PSP Slim & Lite, a couple of TomyTronic 3D things, a V-Tech version of Simon, loads of little LCD thingies, a GameKing, and one Game & Watch - Donkey Kong Jr.

Binatone MK6
Acetronic MPU-2000
Atari 2600
Master System I
Master System II (x2)
Mega Drive (x3)
Mega CD
PC Engine
PSX (several) and a PS1
N64 (x2)
Dreamcast (x3)
PS2 (x2)
Gamecube (x2)
ZX Spectrum (x3)

I assume arcade stuff doesn't count? :p
Currently ive got only handhelds. My console collection was sold / given to firends

my past console collection:
- psx
- atari 2600
- amiga cdtv [ i thing i have it in an attic , somewhere ]
- gameboy pocket [ black ed ]

my current collection
- nokia ngage [ great for sega genesis and gba emus and c64 ]
- jxd 301 [ great 4 neogeo ]
- gp2x [ :) ]
- samsung i320 / great for fba-emu [ even better than fba for gp2x ]

my future stuff
- pandora :)

and picture:

xbox 360
ds lite
ds old style
fat psp
gb micro
snes (in my cellar)
ps 1 (broken, in my cellar)

small collection i know but i sold all my saturn/pc engine/n64/ps2/gc/xbox stuff in the run up to making room for a baby about a year an a half back, not to mention the countless gb/gba/gba sp/nes/megadrive/master system/lynx crap i had before i left home.

edit:and a non backlit gp32 about 5 years ago.

edit: and a chinese dreamcast in my loft, that still works but has no real games, i think there is some games that require the boot disc in my cellar
Game boy (pocket (used to have), color, SP (used to have))
Play Station
Play Station 2
Play Station 3
i used to have a PSP
Game Cube
Sega Saturn
GP2X :gp2x
PSX (3)
Dreamcast (3)
Megadrive II

used to have a GP2X but I sold it.
1xGP2X F100
2xSega Megadrive 1
2xAtari 130xe
1xAtari Falcon 030
My current collection:

Xbox 360
2x Dreamcast
Megadrive I
Megadrive II
Playstation 1
GP32 FLU (which still works although the screen is f'd up)
PSP fat
DS Phat
DS Lite
One average gaming PC (can run games such as Doom 3 but not fast enough)
One better gaming PC (able to run Crysis on medium settings at an alright speed)
Game Gear
Oriiginal Gameboy, a gameboy color and I'm sure I have an original GBA and an SP in a box somewhere
All I currently own are an Xbox 360, Ps2, Dreamcast and a Pc with a 7600gt graphics card. Not very retro at all but I use my GP2X and Pc to emulate the old systems I like. I have had a few others too but they were sold off.
I have an nes, super nes, n64 ,playstation 1 ,an atari 2600 (with 90 games) and a sega genesis. And I used o have a ps2 but didn't like it. It broke right after the waranty . <_< oh yes and a gp2x and a gp32.
lets see...
Sega Master system
Sega Megadrive
Sega Megadrive Mrk2 (x2)
Sega Saturn
Game gear
Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64
Nintendo Gamecube
Gameboy pocket
Gameboy color
Gameboy Advance
Xbox (ye olde one)
PS2 slimline
Amiga CD32
Gp2x f-200

My 14ft of games
I can't be bothered to remember it all now so i'll edit it in as I go along:

1x GP32 FLU
1x GP32 BLU
1x GP2x F100 Mk1
1x Nintendo DS Original
1x PS2 Slim
2x Xbox 360
1x Yellow Gameboy Pocket