Gp32 Flu For Sale


Still Fresh
May 9, 2004
Hi everyone, I have a Gp32 FLU for sale in "as new" condition. Includes everything that came with it originally --Box, manual, USB connector cable, plastic bubble wrap etc. It even has the little clear plastic film protector still on screen. It will NOT ship with any SMC cards though -- you will have to buy one of those yourself.

*for those worried about dust installed behind the screen as in some cases of the FLU units out there, fear not, this one seems fine. Theres a few tiny bubbles between the plastic film protector and the screen, but its not very noticeable, and you can always peel it off - I left mine intact to protect the screen and incase I sold it to another user*

Also has the first GP Cinema included, which I bought from the gp32 website.
( I will burn you a disc with games/gpcinema on it for you). I can also give you my gp english and entware logins, although the machine has been registered, and once you load freelauncher on an SMC, you won't need to bother about registering the system, just get playing :)

Barely played, it has been sitting in its box waiting for me to purchase my OWN SMC card for months ( I used a friend's camera SMC on loan which he wasn't using for a time, but he finally needed it back).I don't feel like buying a 100+ AUD dollar 128meg SMC for it right now with other finanical commitments bugging me outside of my gaming hobby. I also have other gaming interests that are taking up my time right now, and the gp32 is being forgotten about. I would rather sell it to somone who is looking for a unit in the current shortage and furthermore someone who will give it some playtime! hehe.

Oh yeah, I also have a small carry case for it which I can put inside the box too.
Its not a offical carry case ( as to my knowledge there was none ) but I bought a small camera-like case for it which is quite suitable, although as above, barely used.

I want 160 USD for this unit. That translates to around 230 AUD dollars. ( I reside in Australia.)Shipping will be added to that price, but be warned that international shipping with insurance can be near 30 US dollars in some cases, depending on location of course. I will ship everyything in the same box play-asia used in my order,with some padding around the actual gp32 box inside.

Before people come into my thread to bitch about my price, consider the 60USD I spent on import tax-- thats nearly another 90 AUD dollars just to bring it inside my country. The system is basically new and I feel I am giving it away at a far less price than what I paid initially, so please bitch to someone who cares :)

Interested? OK, email me at confirming your interest.

I will email you asap digital captures of the system, box etc, and some captures of the system running. ( It will still show the menu screens etc without any SMC card). If you are happy with the look of the system, email me back with your intent to purchase and let me know your location, shipping address etc. I will contact you again and let you know the extra shipment cost to add to the 160 US.
If I recieve word of your payment I will verify and ship to you via your prefered method - but I would suggest UPS with insurnace for your own protection. I will contact you once more with a tracking number.
But I will not send anything until I recieve a full payment. If you want a more secure purchase, buy on ebay or through someone else instead. I'm not interested in their extra fees on my end of the sale if I can help it!

I WILL ONLY ACCEPT DIRECT TRANSFER OF FUNDS INTO MY ACCOUNT AND I WILL NOT PRICE BARGAIN. I am not interested in other forms of payment, and if I don't sell through this forum, I will sell it in the local paper or local ebay if I am forced to. While I can't get anyone to vouch for my seller or buyer reputation as this if my first post, I have pride myself for years as a trader of all systems, and I don't fuck people over. When you recieve my emails you will know I am doing my best for all parties involved.

Ok I hope to hear from real interested parties. If I get more than one response, sorry I will not get into a bid war. The first person who is willing to transfer funds and contacts me with a serious buy will get preference.


Chris Royal
The UK Pound has a strong exchange rate with the Australian dollar.
If I ask more, people start laughing at me. Can't win either way really.

If I put a cheap price on my gp32, people think I am a scam.
If I put too much, I am laughed out of the forum.

Well someone may want it. I will leave my offer up and keep my eyes peeled for emails.

sam fisher posted on May 9 2004 at 10:45 AM said:
That is only £90!!!
A non flu at gbax was a lot more than that(£25)!!
heh its not that cheap in us though, $190 total with shipping?
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Hey, go spend your 190 US on a Ngage QD then, and enjoy it in full glory.

I'm in Aus and kinda interested. I can pay US dollars or Aus. What does it overclock too on opensnes? Whats this crap about import tax? I bought my GP from play asia for $149 US and postage with no added costs. Anyway I'm interested.