Pandora For Online Gaming

He apparently haven't seen the demonstration video where they mention 80ms to be what they aim for, that's the max for the user to feel like there's no lag. We have very little information on how this service works and what tricks they use. I think they want to keep things very quitet because of the limitations of the beta, they are still figuring things out. We really can't be sure of anything about the service until it opens up officially.
craigix said:
As crazy as it still seems, Onlive ( now claim their games will work on phones. So you could actually be playing the latest PC games on the Pandora if the plugin is made available for ARM.

Interesting because it is highly likely that the service will be blocked by Sony/Nintendo/Other console manufacturers. Not by us though, I might actually send onlive a Pandora with a crate of beer attached.

its a good concept but that onlive thing is so likely to end up vaporware.

technically its not that hard: encode and stream video in one way, encode and stream inputs the other way.
however they're gonna end up with so many legal, material and/or political problems they'd need a Microsoft-sized bank account to push their products to success.

you can be sure large ISPs (who also happen to be TV content provider) will do everything they can to block and sabotage this while they work on their own solution to offer the same service.
like you said, console manufacturers will also fight it.
and if they somewhat become profitable at that point some patent troll(s) will come up and sue them.

they need a HUGE amount of money to pull this off, not for R&D, marketing, hardware, nor internet costs but to fight off all those corporate T-Rexs.

at that point they will be bought by one of those corporation (and likely shutdown), which is what they're really aiming for.

build a company and sell it, not selling the actual product.
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