Pandora-Donation-Status and Thanks-Thread

What browser was available on the N900 ?
MicroB, which was FF-based, but the UI was different to accommodate a small screen, and as the N900 didn't have multitouch it had a really nifty way of spinning your finger/stylus in a circle to zoom in/out. Full flash 9.4 was supported, and because of the full multitasking, it wasn't crippled like you see on Android (try watching a youtube video and switching to another tab/app). Also it had a few FF addons like adblock and greasemonkey.

I believe it was some version of Firefox... I miss my N900... damn that charger-loose connection problem that plagues them...
Happened to me too. :( But I bought two extended batteries and a battery charger, so I usually have one or two fully charged batteries with me wherever I go to swap out when one dies, not too inconvenient. :p
Finally managed to make a donation (was waiting for payday and then had a few Paypal problems), hopefully it will help keep things moving for folk still waiting. I got mine (original batch1 preorder upgraded in June to 1GHz Order No #60, all from Craig's shop) a couple of weeks ago thanks to donations from others.

It's a great piece of kit, video, music, PSX (this is particularly good thanks to Notaz and Exophase), Word docs, Spreadsheet docs, Remote Office (Remmina), Firefox & Midori, E-mail, USB Host and loads more all working really well. I've got Code::Blocks installed as well so should be able to develop on the go (haven't actually tried it properly yet but it looks cool!) If you look at my signature you'll see the handheld/portable devices I've had before and every single one of them has felt restricted in some way, not so with the Pandora (yet ;) ) and the battery life has only been bettered by my old Psions which were brilliant little proper handheld computers at the time but had monochrome LCD's and little to no multimedia capability.

I don't know of anything else on the market with the same abilities as the Pandora. Also, I've had both tablets and clamshells and, in my view, clamshell is a no-brainer for a pocketable device as it effectively has a built in cover for the screen (no case needed) that also acts as a stand (you don't need to hold it all the time when watching a video or typing) and the hardware keyboard doesn't take up any screen real estate (really annoying when writing anything longer than a couple of lines on a small screen!).

Even with the delayed production I think it is still unique and if buying from scratch tomorrow I would still buy one of these rather than any of the supposedly better more modern devices with fast processors, short battery lives and tablet form factors...
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My amazon affiliate account is currently sitting on $20.23 from that recent gold box.

I'm going to give that to ED as a gift card for the total amount once all of the transfers to me.
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As I'm buying Silver's CC unit, I will donate to the cause as soon as I have some funds available. Might not be until after Christmas, but I really want to help out those still in the queue.
Broke atm, will donate when I get steady employment :)

Interested in an update from ED!
ED has mentioned to me on IRC that the amount of Pandoras sponsored by donations sits at around 25.

Well done guys! <3
All hail milkshake, creator of the great Pandora repo. <-- click here

He has implemented a "donate to the preorder fund" option for the repo.

For package maintainers, if you're not asking donations for yourself, please go into your repo settings and select that option.

My Account -> Account Details -> Donate to Pandora fund

This can help get us past the pre-order crisis, and into a brave new world ...

fields of daisies, whole-grain organic dairy milk, freerange chooks, peace love and Cuban cigars for all!

That's one small click for a man, a giant leap for mankind.
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I just got my pandora, got it charged up and sitting in the sofa exploring everything. Works great, what a wonderful machine!

Now I don't have any excuse any more, have to take time to actually finish some games and other projects :)

Getting fast at typing already :)

Thanks a lot everyone!
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I just gifted ED all of the "money" from the Amazon affiliate program I received recently from traffic on this forum...

So he's now got $20 to spend at Amazon for Christmas - thanks to all of you ;)