Pyra OpenGL ES feature support?


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Oct 9, 2016
Venice, Florida
I'm currently staring a project that involves a voxel render.
The current approach i'm trying is using a Geometry shader to generate the mesh on the gpu.
What version opengl/opengl es will the Pyra support and will I be able to use Geometry and tessellation shaders?
I'm wanting to know if my project will be easily portable to the Pyra when I get my hands one one!
If not what would be the best way to implement a fast voxel renderer on the Pyra?
Pyra will support only GLES 1.1 and GLES 2.0, so no 3D Textures...

(I do have plan to add support for 3D texture in gl4es, but I'm not there yet....).

I wonder what use of 3DTextures you have?
I wonder what use of 3DTextures you have?

I'm playing around & trying to make a voxel rendered and one approach I saw for high quantity voxel rendering involves using 3d textures!

That and I wanted to play with volumetric clouds
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If I was to use a web browser like chrome or firefox on the Pyra with a page that had WebGL would that work?
I am asking because WebGL is derived from OpenGL ES 2.