My Pandora Arrived! Quick Picture. :)


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Dec 2, 2005
Hi everyone! Long time no talk!

Well my Pandora arrived a few minutes ago and here is my first picture of it. It has the older case plastics being used, but I don't mind at all.


I'm getting busy on psx4pandora today. Expect a more open project for psx4all now with the likes of public source with revisioning, bug/feedback reporting, and all in all a much more professional take on how I've handled things in the past with regards to the GP2X.

I have some big plans for psx4pandora, starting with an overhaul for the dynarec and reaching towards an OpenGL ES 2.0 accelerated GPU.

Awesome! Congrats Zod!

Psx is going get a lot of miles on my pandora, can't wait! :D
Tinnus is picking up his work for ogles in psxemulation again, too. Maybe room for collaborations?
It has begun! People starting to get their Pandoras! GOod times ahead

btw: will you upload any videos ? :D
Thanks for the <3 everyone! Lots of fresh faces here over the year(s?) since I was active here. Really great to see! The Pandora pulled me away from lucrative iPhone development which I (oddly) became known for now. I have tons of gadgets and devices around me, but the Pandora is where it's at. Having a fully manufactured, enclosed device really makes me excited opposed to the EVM/MK2 devboards.

It's really well built too. I took off the battery lid on the back and saw a Pandora logo and slogan right on the battery facing me. Really nice touches. Michael Weston and Craig have outdone themselves.

I'm updating some firmware at the moment. I'm going to get it up and running and give it the video / images treatment. Any special requests of pictures at the moment?