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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon

I have compiled the latest version of DeaDBeeF. The PND is done and working.
DeaDBeeF is media player with very low CPU usage (from 3% to 7% 7% to 11% using TOP on my Rebirth Pandora oc to 1GHz, where mp3bkaster is more at 20% for example), highly configurable and with plenty of file format recognized.

I think a PND of DeaDBeeF is already floating somewhere, but I don't know the version (should be quite old) but not in the repo. So I upload the new one.

Grab it here :

History Log

Build 15:
  • save current playlist at each change of track
  • fixed a segfault when refreshing covert arts.
Build 14:
  • In synch with latest git repo => now v0.7.0
Build 13:
  • In synch with latest git repo => now v0.6.2
Build 12:
  • In synch with latest git repo => now v0.6.1
Build 11:
  • In synch with latest git repo
  • WMA plugin
  • FFMPEG plugin (opus, etc...)
Build 10:
  • Redirected to appdata some files (Covert Arts) that were saved on NAND.
Build 09:
  • Added a missing lib so the PND start without Code::Blocks mounted.
Build 08
  • Update sources from git.
  • Fixed bug with Artwork plugin
  • Add wavpack plugin
Build 07
  • Made sure the used (by the Alsa pugin) is the firmware one
Build 06
  • Added missing libs, so Internet Radio Streaming works now (maybe some other plugins also).
Build 05
  • Recompiled with gcc 4.6.3 and with "-O3 -funsafe-math-optimizations" (didn't measure any effect)
  • Added some missing plugins (like WAV/PCM, Zip file or Ressampling).
Build 04:
  • Added aac plugin, so m4a files are playable
Build 03:
  • Use hint submited by Loomax to reduce cpu usage (at least 30%) on psf files
  • Stripped debug info to reduce size
Build 02:
  • Added ALSA Output plugin
  • Recompile with optimisation (I hope)
Build 01:
  • Initial Relase
  • Based on 0.5.6 source code. Nothing changed.
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cool. one of the players i frequently use. the old version performed a bit bad with c64-sids if i remember correctly. i will try your version, if i don't forget about it till tomorrow (being pretty tired).
Why need alsa output, I found the OSS worked and sounded pretty well? What are the advantages of alsa over oss for DeadBeef (but may be it was already said on some other topics) ?
Alsa supports the software volume mixer thingy in the notification bar. It allows for custom L/R audio config.
Ah ok. Alsa plugin is included in the sources, but it doesn't compile because ... well, I'm missing libraries...

I'll grab them and give it a try...

*EDIT* Hu, no, that's strange, alsa should be available, may be it's a problem with the compile environment.

*RE EDIT*, Hu, no, it is not... Will try to get it work.
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That Deadbeef version is much better than the old one.

There's a huge difference in CPU usage.

It's not as good as you say on my Giga Pandora but it has now 10-17% CPU usage on my Giga Pandra. That's ok for me.
Gave it a try. Works nice in general. But small issues with flacs and psf-files

- SIDs play nicely and push the cpu-usage only to 20-30% as far as I have seen. Songlength-database-support for SID also works.

- for flac-testing I tried the "Goldberg Variations BWV 988 (2012)" (Johann Sebastian Bach) played by Kimiko Ishizaka and it plays too slow. The whole work is freely available and can be legaly downloaded somewhere if you want to test it with it. Probably due to 96khz being played as 41 or 48 khz. Maybe this would be solved with an ALSA-plugin too. Not sure.

- gbs files play nicely (tried with Laxity - Nightmode")

- mods played find (tried with Romeo_Knight_-_Im_gonna_be_infectious.mod)

- mp3s played fine

- an ogg-file played fine

- tried various .nsf files. play fine.

- psf (playstation music) stutters. cpu-usage goes up to ~95%. While I am not sure if this is due to the OSS-plugin or some missing compile-optimizing, I can confirm that the Pandora is capable of playing them nicely. See here.

Also tried to open many files at once, mostly crappy nsf-files which I had for some testing-reasons on the Pandora. 37313 tracks were added to the playlist without issues.
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I added Alsa (didn't think of add-ipk, so I added it the old way), sound nice, but CPU consuption if a little higher, so I will left OSS Output as default.

For CPU usage, you are right, it depends on mp3 file playing. When I was doing "top" at first, it must have been some "easy" mp3 files. With VBR and high bitrate, CPU is more around 10% as Askarus noticed. With Alsa, you add 5% more usage.

I'm trying to recompile with more optimize option and will upload a Build 02 soon. I will edit front post to not be missleading about performances.
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Build 02 is on the repo.

I added Alsa Output plugin (OSS is still default, go to Edit | Prerences) to change.

I also tried to recompile every thing with "-O2 -pipe -mcpu=cortex-a8 -mfpu=neon -ftree-vectorize -mfloat-abi=softfp", as pointed out by Lomaxx (by the way, that's an impressive collection of games music). I don't have psf files in hand, so I cannot test to see if any imporvement is visible.

*EDIT* I tested with some GranTurismo psf files. I get aroud 70% cpu. I don't have the 40% of noted in the other thread :( .
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hm 70% ... that might be (compared to my ~95%) due to a different Pandora-version. I'm using the first batch-version with rather normal settings. I think up to 800 Mhz without overvolting.

Maybe the 40% are only doable with the sexypsf-commandline-player. <shrugs>

I'll try the new deadbeef-version tomorrow.
Hi, it's a nice player. Thank you for porting this.

I have a problem that occurs when trying to browse my SDcard on the right slot. The card is named SD so my mountpoint is /media/SD. When trying to browse its contents I get a message about gnome-mount failing. But I can successfully add all the music in SD to deadbeef by adding /media/SD. Basically I can have all the music or none of it.
Ah yes, the gnome-mount problem happens some time, and I don't know why (yet). Reboot and it may work. I don't fully understand the problem myself. It happens with many software. If someone has a hint on this, I'm all ears !
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Ah yes, the gnome-mount problem happens some time, and I don't know why (yet). Reboot and it may work. I don't fully understand the problem myself. It happens with many software. If someone has a hint on this, I'm all ears !
The gnome-mount issue happens for me when I take out an sd card, put it back in and try to browse it using the shortcuts in the left pane of the filebrowser. I can still browse by going to /media in root and selecting my card. It appears its trying to use a command named gnome-mount to "mount" the sd cards in the left pane. A command which does not exist.
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Tried the new version. Set the ALSA-plugin as output.

- The flac that played to slow before now plays at correct speed

- psf-playback unchanged (which was to be expected)

Thanks for the update. Maybe I'll do some experiments regarding psf. For now I only tried the sexypsf-player again and played one psf with a CPU-usage of 20-25%. If I find out something new I will report back.
Thank you for testing Lomaxx. I will also experiment with some more compilation options, and also take a look at the "gnome-mount" thing...