Minecraft on Pyra?


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Oct 18, 2009
How well does minecraft run on a Pyra? I found a lot of Pandora videos but not a single Pyra one. Ingo, Matze, whats up guys ;) ?

I played minecraft on PC and on a PS Vita. The Vita Edition has a 864*864 block limit which is way too small. The switch only supports 3K*3K blocks, which is still small if you like exploring. "Unlimited" worldsize be a selling point for the Pyra for me.
PS Vita max:


Nintendo Switch max:
It needed java on the Pandora I think. These days that's less of a target for developers, and I don't know if the one in the debian repo is good enough, so it'd have to be done especially for this I guess.
I made a lot of Videos, but Minecraft might be a different task: I dont know if i still have my old Minecraft.jar, i cant remember my old password but i have the Windows 10 Edition.. which is a bit different..
Could be its somewhere on one of my Computers..
it was a interesting experiment for the pandora but not something i felt like playing. It also needed gl4es.
maybe pyra has a better experience