Desktop version of the Pyra?


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Sep 18, 2013
This may sound a weird considering what I'm thinking, but hear me out.

After seeing how the pyras SOC will be upgradable and the size and the OS etc, etc. I could see a screenless buttonless pyra making a good tiny micro desktop machine. Especially with its battery and ports of the pyra dock.

It would have the advantages of being portable. Complete compatibility with the pyra. Duh! You might say but having cross compatibility between numerous devices to the point of popping out an SD card and carrying your work over, exact programs exact settings would make things easy.

You could use it as a media centre. If it has the minimenu thing the Pandora has.(will the pyra get this?) You could hook it up to a tv use a wireless keyboard or what not and watch videos browse the web. Emulate from your sofa! :D Also don't forget C4A!

Or let's say you program something on the pyra. You could compile it on the desktop rig. Use it download files then transfer them over to the Pyra. Program without straining your eyes using your favourite keyboard

Also a desktop pyra should be cheaper. You may not need the 3g/4g module.. though maybe you want to desk calls. But you dont need the screen or the keyboard or nubs maybe even the shoulder buttons. (Though they may be needed for flashing the system..) Which would drop the cost.

And honestly there's merit for gaming(Minecraft is proven to run on the Pandora! Imagine the pyra!), or even office work (cross compatibility) And a cheaper cost may make people more willing to try out or at least see what the pyra has to offer.

Also for the issues of casing such a thing don't change the buttom. But make a top that replaces the keyboard area eliminates the hinge and slides over the area where the shoulder buttons are (if deleted) status leds and such could still be kept. Now you have a pyra system that can be used as a desktop piece a very small portable desktop computer, or even a module or part of a project. Pyra based at arcade cabinet running games competing in comp4all?

Here's two uses me and my fiancee would use such a beast for. I have a usb typewriter. I would simply mount the system under the typewriter and use it as a basically a steampunk computer for typing up stories.

my fiancee has a cintiq which if teamed with a screenless pyra could be carried in a suitcase and used for drawing.

Overall I'm not proposing development hindering things here. The only drastic thing is designing the top half of the case, and I realise it may be hard to produce another set of boards which don't have nubs or what not. If thats the case then it may easier to.just leave the nubs there just without the top part. Which also means it be possible to turn a desktop into a normal pyra if so desired or if you need to hastily repair one.

For a quick conclusion I think a desktop version of the pyra especially if teamed up with the dock could easily be a nice little system, especially with the prospect of upgradable SOCs and the community and theoretically much lower price.

Also you could use it to charge pyra batteries
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I may be a off here, but wouldn't the dev boards that are being used for Pyra stuff basically be most of what you are asking for, with the exception of it being a different size, with no case or battery?
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I may be a off here, but wouldn't the dev boards that are being used basically be most of what you are asking for, with the exception of it being a different size, with no case or battery?
But a dev board costs a bit a money for a system that right out of the gate isn't the same as the pyra. 329.99 for a dev board. Which requires a lot of things to do to make it to the state of what I mentioned above. Its not out of the box like a Pandora or Pyra.
Wasn't there plans to make this for pandora at some point? IIRC back when Craig still roamed the forums?

I see your point but I think having a desktop version of the Pyra would be a bit lacklustre given that the Pyra is already relatively portable and capable of being a desktop as well (Via the planned Dock accessory & HDMI output) and via the FULL debian OS install which is planned also. 

It's already cost a lot of time & money for ED + gang to get the Pyra out so I think not. 

Wasn't there plans to make this for pandora at some point? IIRC back when Craig still roamed the forums?

Yeah there was, was a pretty messed up thread too IIRC xD
I seem to recall that the debate found there was really no purpose to it. It saved $30 by not having a screen, not the big savings people were expecting by taking away the portability. If you want a Pandora/Pyra TV edition, just take the console and plug it into the TV. Added bonus, you can then unplug it and use it on the go, anywhere, anytime.
In the aktuall Unimog Club Magazine in Germany, was a Mousepad whit a Unimog on it as a Christmass Gift:)

So when i going to use the Pyra at Desctop, i wants to use this Mousepad :)

Pyra going to be the egg making wool milk pig:

Homebrewhandheld, Smartphone, Portable Linux PC, Desctop PC...
Didn't ED just release "TV Edition" Pandora?
Out of necessity. He's got more cases and boards than he does LCD cables.It's also possible I'm crazy and the discussion of prices never actually happened.
Feasible, but I don't think it would come down much in costs.

The motherboard would need to be the same to keep the design costs down.  So - it would already have the contacts and LEDs for the keyboard on it.  The keymat is pretty cheap in quantity - it would probably cost similar amounts to design and produce an alternate plastic upper section to including the keymat and keeping the existing one - so not much to save there.

The lid isn't expensive - and would make a good dust cover for the TV version.

So - what you have that you could 'save money on' is removing the screen and maybe the battery.  Combined they're around $50 to $75 in parts?  Not worth it.  May as well just buy a full on Pyra and have it be 'universal'.
I can see how it would appeal to some people, if I had a Pyra and I had a need for a tiny Linux desktop it would be nice if it was the exact same hardware. But if I didnt have a Pyra handheld I cant think of any reason why I'd specifically want a "Pyra desktop edition" over more suitable options. It'd be a fun personal project to make use of a board with faulty handheld-only components but its not something I think dragonbox should divert resources to especially since theres going to be a dock.