Make Pandora 2 compatible with Oculus Rift VR!


Feb 10, 2011
It would be SOOOOO cool to bring your Oculus Rift and Panda 2 with you on a train and game on the go! The Panda 2 would be the controler and power source if any is needed, the Oculus Rift says it only requires a DVI connection. The SDK will include code for making games compatible, so any shader game should be possible to modify and recompile, the question is if you can render the OS on it as well?
Please not.

If I'd use this on the train I'd miss the station I have to leave ;) .
Idea... Take the oculous rift, a USB/HDMI android/ubuntu stick, ps3 controller, and an 12,000mah external battery.. Add some duct tape....

BOOM!! Instant virtualboy
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or a chop a left and right version of google glass, tape them together and voila! note, you could sli the to chipsets or disable one and utilize the battery from the otherside!