Nvidia's Project Shield - 'Android & Tegra 4 inside'

I'm going to guess that the shield will be discounted further and further as we get closer to the Shield 2 release, which should be about July again.
I don't know about all of Shield owners who also own a Pandora out there, but I haven't touched the Shield for so long.  Forgot when was the last time I used it, maybe the last time I touched was when Reicast came out on Android.  But then Reicast also get ported to Pandora by ptitSeb and so my Shield is collecting dust.  It's not that the Shield is bad.  The Pandora is just so much more convenient.
I play my shield daily, I would say at least 2 hours a day, more on weekends. I quit promoting it as much because the people interested in it seem to have enough information about it at this point. I don't know what else I can add at this point. I don't build android Roms for it because the stock ROM is rock solid minus the nvidia specific stuff that I don't really use a whole lot (streaming and grid) and they have been improving that stuff periodically, but again not really my main use. It works absolutely fantastic for what I use it for which is emulation. I dont know what more to say about playing emulators on it as I feel I already beat that horse into the ground enough. I use my Pandora much much less than my shield. I just prefer the comfort of the shields controls even though they're both capable of SNES and psx at the same level, and thats where I spend most of my gaming time.
The only reason I use my Pandora more than my Shield, is "Time". Now when I say time, I'm not referring to having the time to play, but the time to actually set everything up. My Pandora has been a work in progress since I acquired it years ago, and I have almost everything completely set up and ready for play at any time. Since I bought my Shield, I just haven't had the time to go through everything and optimize roms & emu's so everything works as well as my Pandora.

I really love the GRID service on the Shield, as it's great to play some awesome games right at my finger tips over wi-fi, and it doesn't require any extra effort on my part to use. It really is an excellent machine, and I'm looking forward to my future time once I get everything set up properly.

april 2nd update announced

-Remotely access your PC to play your games away from your home.

-Access NVIDIA GameStream™ technology on your GeForce® GTX™ gaming notebook.

-Discover a powerful new portal into the latest SHIELD-optimized games, news, and more with the new NVIDIA TegraZone™.

-With the latest updates for Gamepad Mapper, you have a whole new way to play thousands of native touch Android games using SHIELD's console grade controller.

-Stream games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and DOTA 2 with full Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support.

-Upgrade to the latest Android Kit Kat OS.




pretty incredible update, people have been waiting for remote streaming (without proxy hack) and mobile gtx support in laptops for some time.


kitkat seems like a pretty "meh" update, aside from ART (dalvik alternative) and trim support for flash media storage. But nice to see we're not abandoned, hopefully it doesn't remove app2sd support.




looks like it includes a wake on lan feature which is desperately needed, as I found that having to go where my gaming computer was in my house, wake it up, and then go back to the room I was wanting to play in was actually more of a pain than just sitting down and playing the game on the computer to begin with, I might actually use this feature more now.


EDIT2: update pushed back to april 7th
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Looks like the shield can now be bought for $199 with 2 games and free shipping

Crikey that's £120, my dad is out in the USA for the next month I'm seriously tempted to get him to import one for me.

Still, reckon I'll wait to see if Shield 2 gets an official UK release.

Good to see plenty of official support / development from NVidia as well. :)
Should I get tempted... I know someone going America in a couple of weeks for one week
Ok guys, Looks like Newegg and V.me are doing a short time promotion sale.  

Until the 31st of March you can get the Nvidia Shield + 2 Free Games + Free Shipping for $180.  You need to check out using the V.me option on the Newegg site


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Sweet Deal^

I got mine back in December from ThinkGeek for 210, plus a free carry case(40 dollar value), but this ain't bad.

^ Yeah for $180 its a pretty good deal , especially with free shipping and 2 free games: Sonic 4 Episode II THD

Expendable: Rearmed
Does anybody know, why it's still not available in the European mainland (like Germany etc..)?

I don't quite understand Nvidias marketing, shouldn't they try to sell it instead of making it unavailable?
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Does anybody know, why it's still not available in the European mainland (like Germany etc..)?

I don't quite understand Nvidias marketing, shouldn't they try to sell it instead of making it unavailable?
Honestly, I think the Shield was a promotional item for their current mobile chip set and an experiment for them in regards to a home handheld/console. I don't really think they ever wanted to release this globally, as they just weren't set up for such an operation(CS, distribution, servers, etc.).

I'm sure if and when they ever release a S2, it will see a more wide release. Even though it hasn't seen an official release outside of the US/Canada, the only reason not to get one would be for some warranty issues. Anyone can signup on their website and get technical support, so I personally don't see the issue really. I've bought tons of import systems and handhelds over the years, and have never needed support for one of them.

In my opinion, it's overrated, but it's still a fun game. Worth the 10 bucks, especially if it comes with the 2 "episodes".
but I've never played Half-Life 2. Is it worth the 10 bucks?
HL2 was an ok game, but certainly not fit to be among the greatest games ever list. There are lot of times where the game is plain boring or not much stuff is happening. Vastly inferior to Half Life 1 in many aspects. Still, they had some cool ideas along the way, so it makes up for it a bit. As for the value of 10 bucks, it's up to you, and I'm not sure if the game is really easy to play on something like the Shield - it's really a mouse-game as far as FPS go. 
I have to agree... hell I'm even wondering if Portal was better than HL2... Portal2 certainly was better...