Keyboard culling and constraints.


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Mar 24, 2014
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So there's a couple different keyboard layouts floating around, all vying for glory and immortalization in the Pyra hardware.  Of course, we all recognize that you have the final decision, and we all will get a Pyra wherever the layout lands.  

Many of the keyboard designers would like to know the full constraints, in order to be able to submit a version of their own taste, presumably for an official vote among a final selection (if there are a few that satisfy your constraints).  There are a few things that we'd like to know if they are real constraints, just desired, or if they are neutral:

  • Hardware keys only above the nubs.
  • ,. on the left like the Pandora.
  • Two shifts on the keyboard.  (Three shifts total, with one on the shoulder.)
  • German symbols (umlauts and eszetts) visible on the keyboard, or the natural letters (A, O, U, S) free of symbols for mapping them there.
If you have a little more time, we would also like you to cull some of these keyboards:  say which ones are definitely in or definitely out, and which ones you'd like some work to be done on to be up to snuff.  We are happy to modify.  A little too happy.


All the current layouts are linked to in the Keyboard comparison matrix:

Some slightly outdated layouts in the spoiler (let me know if you want to collect all the most recent ones):

We have also been starting to make a matrix, to determine preferences of people and the community:

So far it only has a handful of keyboard designer's preferences, but we are trying to encode your preferences (feel free to modify).

Thanks for your time (and please take your time).
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oof... ok.. ill make some time this weekend.