Release IOQuake 3

New build on the repo. Now using a QVM with Dynarec for Arm by Ludwig Nussel. I think it help framerates again bots quite a lot.

Build 04


  • New QVM with Dynarec
Thanks as ever, does this mean we'll be seeing additional updates of some of your other FPS ports with this improvement too?
Just looked up in this thread, noticed I'm pretty much repeating myself again it seems! (apologies for that)
Yes: openarena, smokinguns and world of padman are coming too.

the Jedi Knight serie and Return to Castle Wolfenstein don't use QVM, so no improvement there...

I'm working on Q3Rally, but even with the dynarec, I have performances issue... I haven't tried Turtle Arena yet...
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Never played much of Smoking Guns but I very much enjoy World of Padman, it feels more like an Unreal Tournament style game than Quake to me.
Somentimes when I start a map the right nub doesn't work. Does it happen to anybody else? Also, can I use a mouse?

Great work petitseb.
Somentimes when I start a map the right nub doesn't work. Does it happen to anybody else? Also, can I use a mouse?

Great work petitseb.
Right nub: the mouse mouvement? That strange, I never had that.

A mouse is usable yes, just plug it (with a hub  ;) ) and it should be plug'n play.
I know the old crusty version of Quake 3 PND the one made prior to Ptitseb's version on the repository had a lot of NUB issues.  

just plug it (with a hub  ;)
or OTG adapter.
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Hi all !

@ptitSeb: do you think your IOQuake3 port is compatible with Quake 3 Gold, which is on sale at GOG ?

I used to own the CD version back in the days, but some "friend" stole it from me... :mad:

Anyway, my computer was way too crappy back then to handle that game properly ;)

Cheers, Magic Sam
Probably yes. It looks like a regular copy of Quake III Arena.
OK, I've just bought the game from GOG (for ~20 euros), and I'm now scp'ing pak0.pak3 to the Pandora :)

Cheers, Magic Sam
[doublepost=1460557592,1460552200][/doublepost]It works, thank you :D

I just can't believe I'm actually playing Quake 3 Arena, on such a tiny handheld computer...

@ptitSeb : your package is more than 1 year old, so I browsed the more recent commits on the github repository, and couldn't find any worth an update (mostly SDL2 and OpenGL2 related stuff). What's your opinion ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
Same opinion. I'm not sure it's worth an update. I can try to update, but that will be lot's of work for mostly no changes... I may still do it one day, when I'll have nothing to do (ahahahah)
Hi all !

@ptitSeb : FPS details don't show up in notaz' Live system info, is that normal ?

It's not very important since one can use "seta cg_drawFPS "1"" in order to get that piece of information, but I just wanted you to know ;)

With all the eye-candy tuned down, my Rebirth unit OC'ed to 825 MHz and GPU driver 4.10, I can reach very high framerates (~40-60 FPS) :D

I'm currently playing through Tier 3 (in very easy mode :p )

Cheers, Magic Sam
Yes, it's normal. This port (as most my idTech 3 port) is a native GLES port. The FPS in LiveSystemInfo is a feature in glshim. I haven't port that on the GLES port.

Yes, ioQuake 3 is very fast of the Pandora :)
Yes, ioQuake 3 is very fast of the Pandora :)
Q3DM12 is considerably slower than the other maps (less than 20 FPS at times). I doubt there's much you can do, but could you please take a look at it ?

I also noticed some weird light cones in Q3DM11, with their base looking like some floating squares...

Thanks, Magic Sam
Q3DM11 and Q3DM12? I'll try to take a look.
Thanks ptitSeb :)
I have also seen your pull request on ioquake3 github repository, and the problems arising from the switch to SDL2 / OpenGL2... There's also that other pull request about a VM for ARMv7l, but I guess that's the one we're using in build 04, right ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
Yes it is. Same QVM I have put in all other idTech3 engine ports.
Only game is Q3Rally that is still not fast enough, even with this Dynarec QVM (so I haven't published it)...
Q3DM11 and Q3DM12? I'll try to take a look.
You can add Q3DM18 and Q3DM19 (the one with the moving platforms) to the list ;)

I don't think there's something really wrong with those maps. Slowdowns happen when there's a lot of action on screen, that's it. I'll turn the gibs off, see if it helps.

Bots did act weirdly on Q3DM19 though (they sometimes got stuck on those moving platforms...)

Cheers, Magic Sam
[doublepost=1460660079,1460655320][/doublepost]I have finally completed Quake 3 Arena, for the first time in my life :$

Thank you very much @ptitSeb :D

Cheers, Magic Sam