Hurry Up - Psp2 On The Way

paulguy said:
gama said:
Well, i don't know if the psp2 will use a Cell processor, but i'm pretty sure it will be powerfull enough to emulate the PS2, or it will be designed to achieve that.
I wouldn't expect emulation but maybe processing/graphics power similar to PS2, though I'd expect maybe twice as powerful in both areas.

What's everyone's obsession with emulating a PS2 on a handheld? It _barely_ works on high end PCs NOW, give it a few years and give the topic a damn rest!
Because this could be implemented by Sony themselves (Pops2?).

These guys obviously have 100% of the documentation and the financial power to achieve this.
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Sugar_Kane said:
I am exactly as interested in a psp2 as I was in the psp1, and that is about as much as I was interested eating the contents of my son's nappy this morning.
So you're interested then! Weirdo!
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[quote name=Laurencevde]The general Cell-architecture still allows you to pack a lot of computing-power in a small package. Those SPU's are pretty transistor-efficient...

Furthermore, Cell has had several years of development since PS3, and I'm sure most issues with the general architecture should've been fixed by now.
So putting a "Cell" into a handheld gaming-device isn't even such a crazy idea. Sony will also need a machine that's better than the 3DS in some respect...[/quote]
How lean can these cores be:

128 128-bit registers
4x32-bit and 2x64-bit floating point (and all the int partitioning you'd expect)
Single cycle FMAC

It's probably at least as big as PSP's VFPU, and PSP dies are downright huge by handheld standards.

Regardless, no matter how much they've optimized Cell I think it's still a bad idea to design a handheld around it. If PS3 is any example it would appear that the 3D accelerator core is still the most central component in rendering, and where the most attention should be placed. On a gaming handheld where space and energy draw come at a premium I wouldn't want to sacrifice any space on the 3D core for more than one vector processor.

[quote name=Laurencevde]If I were Sony, I'd take the upgraded Cell-architecture, and swap out the Power-core for a MIPS, so that it can run PSP1-games, so that it can actually be sold...[/quote]
Unless you're selling an underpowered processor from China MIPS is pretty passe. The instruction set is just kind of mediocre by design. That aside, PPC is probably at least as good at emulating MIPS as MIPS is. The belief that PSP emulates PS1 better than its contemporaries because of MIPS is largely a myth; it's more because it's a faster emulator (and maybe some other architectural mappings working nicer, but not the ISA). PSP2 will be much more powerful anyway... Pandora is poised to emulate PSP and I wouldn't imagine PSP2 will be weaker than Pandora - would you?

I'm actually surprised you think PS1 games are a must have on a Sony handheld to begin with. PSP didn't even launch with this. PS1 games are really old now and many have aged pretty badly, Joe Gamer has probably lost interest.
x68000 said:
These guys obviously have 100% of the documentation and the financial power to achieve this.
That's exactly right! Bottomless pit of money and all the knowledge = A walk in the park for SCE.
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