How Old Is Everyone

I feel old now compared to most of you "teenagers" - I'm 32 and have been employed as a Software Devloper since I left college in '92.
I have programming experience in, mcms, visual basic, Oracle sql, sqlplus, Ingres Sql, Access, Ingres ABF, Ingres report writer, Oracle Reports 2.5, cobol, pascal, dBase IV, and a little c and c++ from college. Currently coding a MCMS website in at work and writing a game in at home (
currently 28 will be 30 next argggggh!!!! :( Guess i should really grow up... but that wouldn't be much fun :p

Software Developer.. and part time party monster... job prevents me partying dure the week... coding and alchol do not mix! ;)

No way another person who knows COBOL. Our main system is still coded in that and icurrently still maintain while lkearning C# which will eventually take over from the old legacy COBOL system. Also do SQl server woork and VB code too. company also putting me through my MSCD, which once i get certified mean lots more £'s :) ... well i hope ;) ... whenever i find the time between projects bloody hard work mind you and its a lot harder than i thought !

Would love to get around to having a bash at coding something on GP32 but finding the time to do is another matter, maybe i shouldn't get soo wasted at weekends ;)
im 3 years old, and a prodigy.

I have a job programming C++ for madeupworks inc.

Im currently inventing my own programming language, called madeupcodeTM

What you do is you think exactly what you want the game to do, the message is sent to the computer via a thingamabob, and transmografied into an antidisastablishmentaerianism, hippopottomonstrosesquipadilion program.
Ive seen better from a two year old