How Old Is Everyone


Jan 25, 2004
Sussex, England
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Just wondering, I'm only 16 and just getting into coding, and it seems every one else is older and more experienced. Which is frankly a bit strange coz usually on gaming forums all the people are 10 year old sh*ts telling you that GTA VC is great even tho they dont realise that GTA 3 is a sequel, did they just think that someone decided to call it GTA 3 coz it sounded cool
GTA VC Is Great :D hehe.... anyway... Im 17 and I rely on other people to code for me hehe... But I want to get into coding some day.,..
I am 37 and have been programming for the last 22 years :( from which 15 years as a 'professional'. I have already forgotten more programming languages then most people will ever know ;)
I'm 12+ 20 days :)

I've been programming for 2 years, and heres what I know:

C (1 year)
VB (2 years)
HTML (6 months)
PHP (1 month)

Of course, I'm still a n00b at all of them :p But I do like AI :) I programmed GPChess's AI all by my self :ph34r:

I'm 22 and I know plenty of Basic and a good amount of PHP and Java.

I don't post alot because I'm too busy with school these days. Still love my lil' GP32 though :)
34 here (soon to be 35). I've programmed in BASIC on the TI-99/4A (who remebers this little machine ??), and dabbled in Visual Basic. I'm soon getting Visual Studio and will try to tackle Visual C++, to keep be from dying of boredom at work. :lol:
33 going on 34.
Programming: c64 basic/mcode, amiga: basic/mcode, msx basic/mcode, pc:gwbasic, quickbasic, visual basic,debugging & hex editing code, turbo pascal, and a little c++

Been gaming since 1974: a pong clone.
philips videopac g7000, later a g7400
17 and know, well, bugger all really. I know how the prinicples of coding works, and am fluent in basic (I even managed to get a platformer working on the VTech PowerPad. It was shit and slow, took a long time and wasn't worth it, but I did it!:D) but I stopped learning how to code when I started using The Games Factory/Klik and Play.

Call me SlimChimp:)